AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysocaml-lwt 4.3.0-1: Update to new versionJakob Gahde
2018-08-05ocaml-lwt 4.1.0-3: Dune no longer uses opam-installerJakob Gahde
2018-06-28ocaml-lwt 4.1.0-2: Work around opam bugJakob Gahde
2018-06-27ocaml-lwt 4.1.0-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2018-05-18ocaml-lwt 4.0.1-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2017-03-19ocaml-lwt 2.7.0-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2016-10-30ocaml-lwt 2.6.0-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2016-06-21ocaml-lwt 2.5.2-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2016-02-062.5.1-1: New versionJ5lx
2015-07-122.5.0-2: Add missing ocaml-ppx_tools to depends()J5lx
2015-07-122.5.0-1: Update to new upstream versionJ5lx
2015-07-03Initial importJ5lx