AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-10No longer auto-remove -march=nativeWil Thomason
2021-06-10Update to v1.5.2Wil Thomason
2020-06-08Update to 1.5.0Wil Thomason
2020-05-30Move Eigen to depends and make fix to patching for clean chrootsWil Thomason
2020-01-15Update to Python 3Wil Thomason
2020-01-14Bump pkgrel and update SRCINFOWil Thomason
2020-01-14Add requested conflicts/replaces fieldsWil Thomason
2020-01-14Add patch for Boost 1.71 compatibilityWil Thomason
2020-01-14Enable tests in check()Wil Thomason
2019-11-07Restrict to compatible Boost versions for nowWil Thomason
2019-11-07Use the Github repo where active development now livesWil Thomason
2019-01-24Update to 1.4.2Wil Thomason
2019-01-03Update OMPL to v1.4.1Wil Thomason
2018-01-07update to 1.3.2Sven Schneider
2017-03-13update to 1.3.0Sven Schneider
2016-02-21update to 1.1.0Sven Schneider
2014-11-16[ompl] update to 1.0.0svenschneider
2014-09-21[boost] include patch for boost 1.56svenschneider
2014-06-01[ompl] updated to 0.14.2svenschneider
2013-12-25[ompl] updated to 0.14.0svenschneider
2012-12-20ompl: updated to 0.12.1Sven Schneider
2012-08-20ompl: addedSven Schneider