AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-27fix depsFabioLolix
2016-12-01all: switch to HTTPS when availableBaptiste Jonglez
2016-11-12opendht-git: Fix lib install directoryBaptiste Jonglez
2016-08-19opendht-git: Bump pkgverBaptiste Jonglez
2016-06-02opendht: Build python bindingsBaptiste Jonglez
2016-05-31opendht: Switch to CMake instead of autotoolsBaptiste Jonglez
2016-04-24ring: -git packages don't provide the non-git package anymoreBaptiste Jonglez
2016-02-21opendht: Revert msgpack-c to makedepends (once again)Baptiste Jonglez
2016-02-16opendht-git: No longer use a fixed commit (see new package opendht for a stab...Baptiste Jonglez
2016-01-09opendht-git: Update to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2016-01-03opendht-git: Update to latest version, nasty bug is supposed to be fixedBaptiste Jonglez
2015-12-12opendht-git: Revert to an older version to avoid a large performance issueBaptiste Jonglez
2015-11-29opendht-git: UpdateBaptiste Jonglez
2015-11-11Update ring packages to latest versionBaptiste Jonglez
2015-10-01Revert msgpack-c back to dependsBaptiste Jonglez
2015-08-24opendht-git: Move msgpack-c to the build dependenciesBaptiste Jonglez
2015-08-24opendht-git: Install READMEBaptiste Jonglez
2015-08-24opendht-git: Disable Doxygen doc generationBaptiste Jonglez
2015-08-24opendht-git: Disable python bindings, because they do not buildBaptiste Jonglez
2015-08-24opendht-git: Update to 20150823Baptiste Jonglez
2015-07-21opendht-git, ring-daemon-git, libringclient-git, ring-gnome-client-git: use a...Baptiste Jonglez
2015-06-25Initial upload: opendht-git 20150617-1Baptiste Jonglez