AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-02New version. OMSens not working yetElMastro
2022-03-11Fixed problem with jre7-openjdk, fixed folder of destination of OMSensElMastro
2021-06-29Added desktop linkElMastro
2021-02-14Added zip optional depenence to permit FMI exportationElMastro
2021-01-30Added autoconf to make it works with updatesElMastro
2020-10-05PKGBUILD from archlinux forumElMastro
2020-08-21Package provided by XwangElMastro
2020-08-21useful commit messageElMastro
2020-08-14Working version provided by XwangElMastro
2020-04-08Fixed missing dependency on qt5ElMastro
2020-04-07Fixed OMSensElMastro
2019-12-11Commented OMOptim until it is workingElMastro
2019-12-06modified installation of OMOptimElMastro
2019-12-04added missing lineElMastro
2019-12-02updated dependencies and OmoptimElMastro
2019-11-27coin-or-ipopt no longer neededElMastro
2019-06-22Update without sundials (provided inside). Fixed problem with submodulesElMastro
2019-03-31Working, without OMOptimElMastro
2019-03-31Working, without OMOptimElMastro
2016-08-11Removed omedit.patch file, added gnuplot dependency and DH5_USE_18_API compil...Xwang
2016-08-11Removed omedit patch commandXwang
2016-05-03Added qt5-tools to dependenciesXwang
2016-04-30Added omedit.patch to solve OMEdit crash bug and upgrade release versionXwang
2016-04-09New version upstreamXwang
2015-12-12Updated dependenciesXwang
2015-10-27Updated dependenciesXwang
2015-06-27Added --without-omc option (it compiles the omc however)Xwang
2015-06-27Better clone managementXwang
2015-06-27Modified package function and added iconsXwang
2015-06-27Modified to avoid cloning the complete repository if the package is rebuiltXwang
2015-06-20Forced to clone openmodelica repositoryXwang
2015-06-20Deleted source and md5sums and added logic to clone only if git not presentXwang
2015-06-20Deleted source and forced full download from gitXwang
2015-06-20Initial importXwang