AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-01Use Ninja for compilationRyan Dupke
2023-03-26Update PKGBUILDRyan Dupke
2021-04-23Use discord-rpc-apiGraham Edgecombe
2020-09-21Switch from jansson to nlohmann-jsonGraham Edgecombe
2020-07-20Add new dependenciesGraham Edgecombe
2020-07-20Fix creating symlinks if they already existGraham Edgecombe
2018-10-31Use the system's rapidjson package instead of downloading itGraham Edgecombe
2018-06-12Remove -DWITH_TESTS=on flagGraham Edgecombe
2018-06-12Disable the tests for nowGraham Edgecombe
2018-05-23Bump pkgverGraham Edgecombe
2018-05-23Add missing icu dependencyGraham Edgecombe
2018-05-23Use patched version of rapidjson to fix GCC 8.1 build errorsGraham Edgecombe
2018-03-19Update URLGraham Edgecombe
2018-03-19Remove discord_rpc.h instead of discord-rpc.hGraham Edgecombe
2018-02-10Remove discord_register.h file from the packageGraham Edgecombe
2017-11-17Remove empty /usr/{lib,include} dirs from the packageGraham Edgecombe
2017-11-17Remove libopenrct2.a after install stepGraham Edgecombe
2017-11-17Add *.log to .gitignoreGraham Edgecombe
2017-11-17Add discord-rpc supportGraham Edgecombe
2017-09-07Remove sdl2_ttf dependencyGraham Edgecombe
2017-08-10Bump pkgverGraham Edgecombe
2017-08-10Update post-install messageGraham Edgecombe
2017-08-10Add .tar files to .gitignoreGraham Edgecombe
2017-07-30Set CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR to /usr/libGraham Edgecombe
2017-06-29Disable the RCT2 testsGraham Edgecombe
2017-06-29Run unit tests in check()Graham Edgecombe
2017-01-30Add armv7 and aarch64 architecturesGraham Edgecombe
2016-12-28Remove !buildflags optionGraham Edgecombe
2016-12-20Replace kdebase-kdialog optdepend with kdialogGraham Edgecombe
2016-12-20Add libzip dependencyGraham Edgecombe
2016-10-28Update .SRCINFO.Graham Edgecombe
2016-10-28Remove desktop and icon files.Graham Edgecombe
2016-10-16Remove lib32 dependencies as native builds are now produced by default!Graham Edgecombe
2016-10-02Add sdl2_ttf build dependency on x86_64 machines.Graham Edgecombe
2016-07-05Add zenity and kdialog to optdepends.Graham Edgecombe
2016-07-05Fix whitespace.Graham Edgecombe
2016-06-18Update url.Graham Edgecombe
2016-06-18Add `openrct2 set-rct2` instructions to openrct2.install.Graham Edgecombe
2016-06-18Change support -> driver to match sdl2 optdepends descriptions.Graham Edgecombe
2016-06-18Split 32- and 64-bit optdepends.Graham Edgecombe
2016-06-18Add missing hicolor-icon-theme dependency.Graham Edgecombe
2016-06-18Add lib32-{alsa-lib,libpulse} optdepends.Graham Edgecombe
2016-05-28Add openssl dependency.Graham Edgecombe
2016-05-09Use upstream .desktop file.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-30Remove gtk-update-icon-cache and desktop-file-utils deps.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-30Remove from .gitignore.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-28Remove .install tasks now provided by hooks.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-16Use RelWithDebInfo as the build type.Graham Edgecombe
2016-03-24Add 'requires full copy of the game' blurb to pkgdesc.Graham Edgecombe
2016-03-24Bump pkgver.Graham Edgecombe