AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysBump version to 2019.910.0morguldir
8 daysBump version to 2019.906.0morguldir
2019-08-31Bump version to 2019.831.0morguldir
2019-08-30Bump version to 2019.830.0morguldir
2019-08-26Bump version to 2019.823.0morguldir
2019-08-22Bump version to 2019.814.0morguldir
2019-08-10Bump version to 2019.809.0morguldir
2019-08-08Bump version to 2019.807.0morguldir
2019-07-30Bump version to 2019.730.0morguldir
2019-07-27Bump version to 2019.727.0morguldir
2019-07-27Bump version to 2019.726.0morguldir
2019-07-19Bump version to 2019.719.0morguldir
2019-07-17Bump version to 2019.717.1morguldir
2019-07-14Bump version to 2019.713.0morguldir
2019-07-06Bump version to 2019.704.0morguldir
2019-06-29Bump version to 2018.628.1morguldir
2019-06-18Bump version to 2019.616.0morguldir
2019-06-15Bump version to 2019.615.0morguldir
2019-06-15Bump version to 2019.612.0morguldir
2019-06-15Revert "Bump version to 2019.618.0"morguldir
2019-06-15Bump version to 2019.618.0morguldir
2019-06-07Bump version to 2019.607.0morguldir
2019-05-19Bump version to 2019.518.0morguldir
2019-05-08Bump version to 2019.508.0morguldir
2019-05-02Bump version to 2019.502.0morguldir
2019-04-21Bump version to 2018.418.0morguldir
2019-04-01Bump to version 2019.401.0morguldir
2019-03-20Bump version to 2019.321.0morguldir
2019-03-17Bump version to 2019.314.0, add new locations for bass librariesmorguldir
2019-02-11Bump version to 2019.131.0morguldir
2019-01-26Bump version to 2019.126.0morguldir
2019-01-22Bump version to 2019.122.1morguldir
2019-01-17Bump version to 2019.117.0morguldir
2019-01-13Bump version to 2019.111.0morguldir
2018-12-29Bump version to 2018.1228.0morguldir
2018-12-28Bump version to 2018.1227.1, add version number to the gamemorguldir
2018-12-21Bump version to 2018.1219.0, use https instead of the git protocolmorguldir
2018-12-16Add a variable for dotnet version, bump it to 2.2morguldir
2018-12-15Bump version to 2018.1214.0morguldir
2018-12-08Bump version to 2018.1207.0morguldir
2018-12-04Bump version to 2018.1203.0morguldir
2018-12-01Bump version to 2018.1201.0morguldir
2018-11-24Bump version to 2018.1123.1morguldir
2018-11-22Include libraries in package to avoid depending them being in ~/nugetmorguldir
2018-11-20Bump version to 2018.1120.0morguldir
2018-11-07Bump version to 2018.1108.0, fix desktop file mimetypemorguldir
2018-11-05Bump version to 2018.1105.0, additions to mimetypemorguldir
2018-11-04Bump version to 2018.1102.0morguldir
2018-10-24List sdl2 as a dependency instead of sdlmorguldir
2018-10-24Bump version to 2018.1023.0morguldir