AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-11rely on pantheon-session; reduce optdependsQue Quotion
2021-08-20conflict with the old package rather than replace; replaces() doesn't really ...Que Quotion
2021-08-19pantheon-qq-common: replace pantheon-workarounds with a more simple, qq-speci...Que Quotion
2021-08-01Add pantheon-dock and pantheon-settings-daemon dependenciesQue Quotion
2021-04-17Update for new granite release (6-64), depend on libwingpanel 3.0Que Quotion
2020-10-11Update csd autostarts: skip screensaver and xrandr; skip existing pantheon filesQue Quotion
2020-09-28typo: .soQue Quotion
2020-09-28Update package sumsQue Quotion
2020-09-28Modernize depends(), optdepends(), and provides()Que Quotion
2020-03-24Provide more dotfiles: .xprofile and a gschema overrideQue Quotion
2020-03-16Switch to cinnamon-settings-daemonQue Quotion
2019-10-30NEVERMIND THATQue Quotion
2019-10-30Add pantheon-session to depends()Que Quotion
2019-10-30partial namcap cleanup; .install runs a file provide by hooks??Que Quotion
2019-04-11Add optional gtk3 configuration filesQue Quotion
2018-09-25Remove ubuntu-bamf-bzr from optdependsQue Quotion
2018-06-05Slightly more efficent session scriptQue Quotion
2018-06-04There's some AUR helper out there that SUCKS, so this package doesn't get to ...Que Quotion
2018-06-04Some AUR helpers may panic about incomplete .SRCINFOQue Quotion
2018-04-25remove cruft patchQue Quotion
2018-04-25New optdepends: pantheon-qq-default-settings-gitQue Quotion
2018-01-09remove polkit-gnome (cautiously); add an xdg startup for numlockx; recommend ...Que Quotion
2018-01-09Depend on pantheon-session-git, remove pantheon-session workaroundsQue Quotion
2017-12-26Little fixes; bzr->gitQue Quotion
2017-12-26Updated to git version!Que Quotion
2017-05-25chage gconf dependency to dconf; probably not a problemQue Quotion
2017-05-25also provide/conflict gala-gitQue Quotion
2017-05-15update bzr->git dependenciesQue Quotion
2017-04-10Provide gala's gschema for dependents like wingpanel-indicator-notificationsQue Quotion
2017-03-14new dependency: gnome-settings-daemon-elementaryQue Quotion
2017-03-05pantheon-qqQue Quotion
2017-03-04AUR lists several provides() and conflicts() other than what is in the PKGBUI...Que Quotion
2017-03-04AUR lists several provides() and conflicts() other than what is in the PKGBUI...Que Quotion
2016-07-11More helpers!Que Quotion
2016-03-22mksrcinfo doesn't get the version numbers, but pacman understands.Que Quotion
2015-11-15And we also have to put exactly the same information that isQue Quotion
2015-11-15Forgot an updpkgsums, removed dependency on gnome-common.Que Quotion
2015-10-24Initial uploadQue Quotion