AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-23applied libxml patchEugene Lamskoy
2023-02-22Openssl consts patchEugene Lamskoy
2023-02-21dblib issues fixed. Openssl1.1 forcedEugene Lamskoy
2022-11-05Fixed build against openssl 3Eugene Lamskoy
2022-02-18Test environment vars patch. LitespeedEugene Lamskoy
2022-02-03new versionEugene Lamskoy
2019-11-03Upgrade to 7.1.33William Gathoye
2019-09-13Upgrade to 7.1.32William Gathoye
2019-08-20Upgrade to 7.1.31William Gathoye
2019-04-29Upgrade to 7.1.28William Gathoye
2019-04-29Fix path to php71-fpmWilliam Gathoye
2019-02-11Rewrite package and upgrade to 7.1.26William Gathoye
2018-04-04Update to 7.1.16.Maxwell Pray
2018-03-26Add upstream equivalent provides=() to packages.Maxwell Pray
2018-03-26Bump pkgrel to 2.Maxwell Pray
2018-03-26Use spaces instead of tabs in PKGBUILD.Maxwell Pray
2018-03-26Remove ${srcdir}/build directory during build.Maxwell Pray
2018-03-26Remove PGP check.Maxwell Pray
2018-03-26Initial commit.Maxwell Pray