AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysuse local cargo cacheMark Wagie
2023-04-17correct dependenciesMark Wagie
2023-03-24fixes and improvmentsMark Wagie
2023-02-08update deps, adjust to justfile changes, add checkMark Wagie
2022-03-30drop unneeded dependency, vendor cargo depependencies for offline buildingMark Wagie
2022-03-29update dependenciesMark Wagie
2022-03-29adapt to upstream build changesMark Wagie
2022-02-01add missing providesMark Wagie
2022-01-12disable ltoMark Wagie
2021-11-30update license typeMark Wagie
2021-10-15correct dependencyMark Wagie
2021-10-15correct package nameMark Wagie
2021-10-15correct package nameMark Wagie
2021-10-04add ARM64 supportMark Wagie
2021-09-04fix ALL the symlinksMark Wagie
2021-09-02fix symlinkMark Wagie
2021-08-31bump pkgrelMark Wagie
2021-08-30use tagsMark Wagie
2021-08-30initial commitMark Wagie