AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-18update to 1.6.21Luis Martinez
2022-04-22update to 1.5.37Luis Martinez
2022-04-06update to 1.5.6Luis Martinez
2022-03-21update to 1.4.84Luis Martinez
2022-03-13update to 1.4.65Luis Martinez
2022-03-05update to 1.4.57Luis Martinez
2022-02-26update to 1.4.50Luis Martinez
2022-02-19update to 1.4.31Luis Martinez
2022-02-11update to 1.4.16Luis Martinez
2022-02-08update to 1.4.8Luis Martinez
2022-02-07update to 1.4.3Luis Martinez
2022-02-07update to 1.4.2Luis Martinez
2022-02-05update to 1.3.99Luis Martinez
2022-01-26update to 1.3.94Luis Martinez
2022-01-23update to 1.3.68Luis Martinez
2022-01-20update to 1.3.60Luis Martinez
2022-01-12update to 1.3.51Luis Martinez
2022-01-09update to 1.3.39Luis Martinez
2022-01-06update to 1.3.34Luis Martinez
2021-12-27update to 1.3.12Luis Martinez
2021-12-25update changelogLuis Martinez
2021-12-25update to 1.3.5Luis Martinez
2021-12-20update to 1.2.90Luis Martinez
2021-12-16update to 1.2.82Luis Martinez
2021-12-13update to 1.2.69Luis Martinez
2021-12-06update to 1.2.63Luis Martinez
2021-12-04update to 1.2.58Luis Martinez
2021-11-26update to 1.2.46Luis Martinez
2021-11-24update to 1.2.42Luis Martinez
2021-11-21update to 1.2.37Luis Martinez
2021-11-19update to 1.2.33Luis Martinez
2021-11-16update to 1.2.29Luis Martinez
2021-11-15update to 1.2.25Luis Martinez
2021-11-09update to 1.2.16Luis Martinez
2021-11-08update to 1.2.11Luis Martinez
2021-11-05update to 1.2.3Luis Martinez
2021-11-03update to 1.1.98Luis Martinez
2021-11-01update to 1.1.94Luis Martinez
2021-10-31update to 1.1.92Luis Martinez
2021-10-31update to 1.1.91Luis Martinez
2021-10-29update to 1.1.88Luis Martinez
2021-10-26update to 1.1.82Luis Martinez
2021-10-25update to 1.1.79Luis Martinez
2021-10-23update to 1.1.77Luis Martinez
2021-10-21update to 1.1.75Luis Martinez
2021-10-19update to 1.1.71Luis Martinez
2021-10-18update to 1.1.70Luis Martinez
2021-10-17update to 1.1.69Luis Martinez
2021-10-16update to 1.1.68Luis Martinez
2021-10-15update to 1.1.65Luis Martinez