AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-23Add missing Python build dependenciesTyler Veness
2023-07-21Use build module instead of setup.pyTyler Veness
2023-01-12Update description to match upstreamTyler Veness
2022-07-16Add matplotlib as dependencyTyler Veness
2022-07-16Update dependenciesTyler Veness
2021-10-31Update .SRCINFOTyler Veness
2021-10-31Use frccontrol's main branchTyler Veness
2020-01-07Bump versionTyler Veness
2020-01-07Add check() function to run unit testsTyler Veness
2020-01-06Adds python-frccontrol-gitModelmat