AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-04Update depends to LLVM 11.Blair Bonnett
2021-01-11Drop Python 2 package, drop obsolete dependencies, fix provides, run tests af...Blair Bonnett
2019-05-30Fix the issue raised by @flying-sheepQuan Guo
2017-06-30Bump to support llvm 4.0Quan Guo
2016-09-04Bump to support LLVM 3.8.xQuan Guo
2016-02-19Add makedependence python2-enum34Quan Guo
2016-02-10Compile with llvm 3.7Quan Guo
2015-07-27Ready to submit as split packageQuan Guo
2015-07-27update to 0.4.0.r78Quan Guo
2015-06-17Initial importQuan Guo