AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-04Python 3.11 rebuildCarlos Aznarán Laos
2023-05-18Python 3.11 rebuildCarlos Aznarán Laos
2022-10-29Change python-install by python-installerCarlos Aznarán Laos
2022-01-28Version bump to 7.1.17Carlos Aznarán Laos
2022-01-21Version bump to 7.1.15Carlos Aznarán Laos
2022-01-20Deselect ball_with_stick testCarlos Aznarán Laos
2022-01-06Skip some testsCarlos Aznarán Laos
2021-12-14Python 3.10 rebuildOromion
2021-12-07Version bump to 7.1.14Carlos Aznarán Laos
2021-10-29Skip some testsCarlos Aznarán Laos
2021-10-22Version bump to 7.1.13Carlos Aznarán Laos
2021-10-13Remove sources from GitHub, changing from PypiCarlos Aznarán Laos
2021-09-30Change PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX pathCarlos Aznarán Laos
2021-08-31Version bump to 7.1.12Carlos Aznarán Laos
2021-08-13Version bump 7.1.11Carlos Aznarán Laos
2021-08-12Remove python-tox for python-pytest according to Arch WikiCarlos Aznarán Laos
2021-08-04Initial commitCarlos Aznarán Laos