AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-10Update to 1.3.1Peeter Piksarv
2019-05-19Update to 1.3.0ptrr
2019-01-02Update to 1.2.0ptrr
2018-08-09Remove python2 dependenciesptrr
2018-08-09Detect python version from local installationptrr
2018-05-17Remove Python2 referencesptrr
2018-05-17Update to 1.1.0ptrr
2018-04-02Update to 1.0.1ptrr
2017-10-30Update to 1.0.0ptrr
2017-07-16Update to 0.19.1ptrr
2017-03-15Update to 0.19.0ptrr
2017-01-26Python 3.6 rebuildptrr
2016-09-26Update to 0.18.1ptrr
2016-07-25Update to 0.18.0ptrr
2016-05-12Update to 0.17.1ptrr
2016-01-25Update to 0.17.0ptrr
2015-10-30Update to 0.16.1ptrr
2015-10-30Update to 0.16.1ptrr
2015-10-09Update to Python 3.5ptrr
2015-09-26Update to scipy 0.16.0ptrr
2015-09-26Initial importptrr
2015-08-02Initial importEnrico Lovisotto