AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-13version bump to 3.8.0Simon Zack
2020-11-08updating srcinfo, forgotten in previous commitSimon Zack
2020-11-08version bumpSimon Zack
2020-04-23Version bumpEkin Dursun
2020-04-04Version bumpEkin Dursun
2019-11-18Version bumpEkin Dursun
2019-04-03Version bumpEkin Dursun
2018-06-18Version bumpEkin Dursun
2018-06-12FixEkin Dursun
2018-06-07Version bumpEkin Dursun
2018-05-26Version bumpEkin Dursun
2018-05-19Version bumpEkin Dursun
2018-04-15update to version 3.1.2Ting-Wei Lan
2017-12-12update to version 2.14.1Oliver Mangold
2017-10-20update to version 2.13.2Oliver Mangold
2017-08-21updating srcinfo, forgotten in previous commitOliver Mangold
2017-08-21update to version 2.9.11Oliver Mangold
2017-01-09update to version 2.9.8Oliver Mangold
2016-09-08adding missing dependency on python-xdisOliver Mangold
2016-09-08update to version 2.8.2Oliver Mangold
2016-06-07initial importOliver Mangold