AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-27fix a small bug, remove Python 3 headers also from CUDA includesMartino Pilia
2018-03-27automatically check for CUDA, and fix config accordinglyMartino Pilia
2018-03-27fix to not mess includes when enabling CUDAMartino Pilia
2018-03-26do not include Python 3 headersMartino Pilia
2018-03-23that file shoud not be necessaryMartino Pilia
2018-03-23install prefixMartino Pilia
2018-03-23whitespace for PythonMartino Pilia
2018-03-23missing Python interface file (?)Martino Pilia
2018-03-23fix wrong variable nameMartino Pilia
2018-03-23fix wrong flag in cmake configMartino Pilia
2018-03-22package submissionMartino Pilia