AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-28Update my nameCourtney Swagar
2021-08-05Update email on all my packagesTyler Swagar
2021-01-23Fix inaccurate wording in commentTyler Swagar
2021-01-23Replace freedb with gnudbTyler Swagar
2019-06-11Perl 5.30 rebuildTyler Swagar
2018-01-28WhoopsTyler Swagar
2018-01-28Finally the correct MusicBrainz optdependsTyler Swagar
2018-01-28Fix LWP::Simple dependencyTyler Swagar
2018-01-28Upstream is backTyler Swagar
2018-01-19Add source package from a certain other distroTyler Swagar
2017-10-09Include last published source releaseRobin Baumgartner
2015-06-23Add .gitignore fileRobin Baumgartner
2015-06-08Initial commitRobin Baumgartner