AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-18Use gcc7Vladimir Krivopalov
2018-07-17Add xxHash submoduleVladimir Krivopalov
2018-07-172.1.3 -> 2.2.0Vladimir Krivopalov
2018-06-08Specify gcc-7 and g++-7 as the compiler to useVladimir Krivopalov
2018-06-08Use gcc7 and gcc7-libs to build Scylla as GCC 8.1 is known to be buggyVladimir Krivopalov
2018-05-072.1.2 - > 2.1.3Henrik Johansson
2018-05-06Rollback 2.1.3 - > 2.1.2, appears the tag is not ready yetVladimir Krivopalov
2018-05-062.1.2 - > 2.1.3Vladimir Krivopalov
2018-04-262.1.1 - > 2.1.2Vladimir Krivopalov
2018-04-022.1.0 -> 2.1.1Vladimir Krivopalov
2018-03-04Use only half of the available CPU threads for compilation to prevent running...Vladimir Krivopalov
2018-03-04Apply workaround for Crypto++ v6 to repair/repair.ccVladimir Krivopalov
2018-03-03Remove obsolete sed fixes for Python2 scriptsVladimir Krivopalov
2018-03-03Fix lack of namespace for Crypto++ byte typedefVladimir Krivopalov
2018-02-222.0.2 -> 2.1.0Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-12-24Use thrift-0.10.0 as a dependency as Scylla fails to compile with later versionsVladimir Krivopalov
2017-12-24Added optional dependencies; listed Cassandra as a conflicting packageVladimir Krivopalov
2017-12-12Version 2.0.2Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-11-172.0.0 -> 2.0.1Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-10-22Add sed scripts to fix Python2 scripts so that they use python2 explicitly.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-10-05Update .install file.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-10-05Update package to Scylla v2.0.0Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-03-13bugfix incorrect seastarKiswono Prayogo
2017-03-13bugfix java symlinkKiswono Prayogo
2017-03-13initial pkg for scylla 1.6.1Kiswono Prayogo