AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-23sdrpp-git: remove rtaudio6 patchéclairevoyant
2024-01-16add patch for recent rtaudio (tks edward-p and she11sh0cked)Paulo Matias
2023-06-01sdrpp-git: update deps, build flags (thank you to @dnaeon for suggesting)éclairevoyant
2023-04-09sdrpp-git: clean up deps; fix license, arch, pkgveréclairevoyant
2021-10-17More fixesryzerth
2021-10-17More fixesryzerth
2021-10-17Added new modules, updated version and fixed airspy dependencyryzerth
2021-04-27Added sdrplay support + optdependsRyzerth
2021-02-16new version for radio fixRyzerth
2021-02-15fixed bug in radioRyzerth
2021-02-15update for rtlsdrRyzerth
2021-02-15new buildRyzerth
2021-02-15added filesRyzerth