AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-27Cleanup program files before upgradingwillemw12
2022-05-20Add comment about manually installing a specific releasewillemw12
2021-11-12Update main Python filenamewillemw12
2021-07-30Add file cleanup comment in post_remove()willemw12
2021-07-29Add new sickchill.tmpfiles for the data folderwillemw12
2021-07-28Remove sickchill.tmpfilewillemw12
2021-07-13Update pip installwillemw12
2021-06-18Save all virtualenv and pip cache files inside srcdirwillemw12
2021-05-10Remove PIP --quiets options for easier troubleshooting...willemw12
2020-12-15Change to JSON API in pkgver()willemw12
2020-12-15Replace deprecated pip searchwillemw12
2020-09-08Chmod only installed files. Quiet virtualenv buildwillemw12
2020-09-07Bump version (to normal numbering scheme)willemw12
2020-09-06Remove warning "error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)",willemw12
2020-09-06Use 'virtualenv' instead of 'python -m venv'willemw12
2020-09-06Reduce pip and virtualenv dependencies. Add libmediainfo optdependswillemw12
2020-09-04Switch from git install to pip installwillemw12
2020-09-01Migrate to Python 3 (develop branch)willemw12
2020-07-27Add python2 dependencywillemw12
2020-01-17Add nodejs. Remove python2-notifywillemw12
2020-01-15Remove "depends" (python, nodejs)willemw12
2018-10-28Initial commitwillemw12