AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-02Fix gcc14 porting (pkgrel 2)qwjyh
2024-04-30update to v4.42_9798qwjyh
2021-09-12fix file urlTun Win Naing
2021-09-11update to v4.38_9760Tun Win Naing
2020-07-06Update to v4.34_9745-1Jonathan Liu
2019-04-06Update to v4.29_9680-1Jonathan Liu
2018-09-16Update to v4.25-9656-5Jonathan Liu
2018-06-10Update to v4.25-9656-4Jonathan Liu
2018-06-07Update to v4.25-9656-3Jonathan Liu
2018-06-07Update to v4.25-9656-2Jonathan Liu
2018-03-08Update to v4.25-9656-1Jonathan Liu
2017-05-02Update to v4.20_9608-5Jonathan Liu
2017-04-29Update to v4.20_9608-4Jonathan Liu
2016-06-06Update to v4.20_9608-3Jonathan Liu
2016-06-06Update to v4.20_9608-2Jonathan Liu
2016-05-26Update to v4.20_9608-1Jonathan Liu
2016-02-15clean up PKGBUILD fileTun Win Naing
2016-02-15initial commitTun Win Naing