AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-03Upgrade to version 23.07 + Drop i686 arch supportBehnam Momeni
2022-03-31Upgrade to upstream version 22.03.25Behnam Momeni
2021-12-24Upgrade to version 21.12.06Behnam Momeni
2021-11-26Upgrade to version 21.11Behnam Momeni
2021-10-27Replace python2-lxml dependency with python-lxml for texts2paths scriptBehnam Momeni
2021-10-15Upgrade to version 21.09Behnam Momeni
2021-08-06Upgrade to version 21.08.02Behnam Momeni
2021-04-01Upgrade to version 21.02Behnam Momeni
2020-06-19Add `zip' make dependency + Update other depsBehnam Momeni
2020-06-04Add nodejs>=14.3.0 make dependencyBehnam Momeni
2020-05-28Upgrade to version 20.05Behnam Momeni
2019-08-14Updating the ttf-droid files pathBehnam Momeni
2019-04-26Updating .SRCINFOBehnam Momeni
2019-04-26Updating to 19.04Behnam Momeni
2018-10-27Updating the grunt-cli dependencyBehnam Momeni
2018-06-13Fixing some build time npm dependenciesBehnam Momeni
2018-06-13Updating to upstream version 18.04Behnam Momeni
2018-03-09Removing an unused timestamp checkBehnam Momeni
2018-02-10Fixing URL of acorn5-object-spread dependencyBehnam Momeni
2018-02-10Updating to upstream version 18.01Behnam Momeni
2017-12-12Updating to upstream version 17.11Behnam Momeni
2017-07-28Updating to upstream version 17.06Behnam Momeni
2017-05-16Fix for 32bit systemsBehnam Momeni
2017-05-10Fixing upstream issue #386Behnam Momeni
2017-04-24Updating to upstream version 17.02Behnam Momeni
2016-12-03Updating list of npm dependenciesBehnam Momeni
2016-12-03Updating the download script for the npm version 4.0.3Behnam Momeni
2016-08-28Creating extras_media and tools_texts2paths subpackagesBehnam Momeni
2016-06-30Porting to nodejs6 (by patching the archiver package dep)Behnam Momeni
2016-06-29Supporting rebuild in an already built folderBehnam Momeni
2016-05-25Updating npm deps + Adding nodejs5 make-time dependencyBehnam Momeni
2016-02-15Updating to upstream version 16.02-fix344Behnam Momeni
2015-12-21Updating the source website of the DroidSans fontBehnam Momeni
2015-12-19Updating to upstream version 15.11Behnam Momeni
2015-06-09Added Hungarian translationGuido
2015-06-09Initial importGuido