AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-03Rebuild against Python 3.10Martchus
2021-09-10Drop Python 2Martchus
2020-05-12Remove .gitignoreMartchus
2020-05-12Add patch for doxy2swig compilation issuedvs999
2018-09-08Remove accidentally added patchMartchus
2018-09-08Remove libtool invocations and unused patchMartchus
2017-02-22Version 5prealpha-9, fix pkg varsMarco Pompili
2017-02-22Remove LICENSE from sourceMarco Pompili
2017-01-23Version prealpha5-7, fix python lib folderMarco Pompili
2016-09-29Version 5prealpha-6, commented timing fix patchMarco Pompili
2016-06-01fix LICENSE checksumMarco Pompili
2016-06-01add timing-fix patchMarco Pompili
2016-03-04md5 updated to alpha versionMarco Pompili
2016-02-02srcinfo updateMarco Pompili
2016-02-02fixed md5sum for sphinxbase-5prealpha.tar.gzMarco Pompili
2015-12-08Version 5prealpha-3, reconfiguring to automake 1.15 on prepareMarco Pompili
2015-12-03Version 5prealpha-2, with both python2 and python3 bindingsMarco Pompili
2015-09-28gitignore fileMarco Pompili
2015-09-28Version 5-prealphaMarco Pompili
2015-06-13Initial importMarco Pompili