AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 days0.1.5 bugfixesblue
2020-04-16hot bugfixesblue
2020-04-140.1.4 single mode view, safe passwords, visual fixesblue
2020-03-310.1.3 message delivery states, reslyling, time related fixes, no ids missing
2020-01-130.1.2 second bugfix alpha pre releaseBlueMacaw
2019-12-250.1.2 bugfix alpha pre releaseBlueMacaw
2019-11-15second prerelease of Squawk XMPP messenger: optimisations, vcards, http file ...BlueMacaw
2019-10-10added qt5-tools as makedepend, got rid of organization name to simplify syste...BlueMacaw
2019-10-08first prerelease of Squawk XMPP messengerBlueMacaw