AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-31changes for version 1.5.3Justus Piater
2017-12-29PKGBUILD: no tabs, just spacesJustus Piater
2017-12-16added python to makedependsJustus Piater
2017-12-16updated python2 patchJustus Piater
2017-12-16build with libical3 instead of the obsolete libical2Justus Piater
2017-04-25bump pkgrel to force recompile to account for updated dependenciesJustus Piater
2016-11-10fixed missing python2 replacement in Makefile.inJustus Piater
2016-11-10changes for version 1.5.2Justus Piater
2016-11-10.gitignore auto-generated filesJustus Piater
2016-11-10changes for version slated to become 1.5.2Justus Piater
2016-07-02initial commitJustus Piater