AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-18Update to 2.1.0Victor
2023-03-08Update to 2.0.1Victor
2022-08-18Update to 1.17.1Victor
2022-08-01Update to 1.17.0Victor
2022-02-28Update to 1.16.0Victor
2021-12-14Update to 1.15.0Victor
2021-08-28Update to 1.14.0Victor
2021-07-30Update to 1.13.0Victor
2021-03-19Update to 1.12.0Victor
2020-12-26Update to 1.11.0Victor
2020-10-09Update to 1.10.0Victor
2020-07-21Bump pkgrelVictor
2020-07-21Add cub as integrated dependencyVictor
2020-07-16Update to 1.9.10Victor
2019-06-11Update to 1.9.5Victor
2019-05-14Do not end pkgdesc with punctuationVictor
2019-05-08Update to 1.9.4 (installs to /opt/thrust)Victor
2017-02-04first pkgbuild, version 1.8.2Xiang Gao