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12 daysadd .gitignoreStephan Springer
2019-07-10does not work with Java 12Stephan Springer
2019-04-29fix URLStephan Springer
2019-04-29adopt; arch=anyStephan Springer
2019-03-20clean pkgbuildThanos Apostolou
2019-03-20build from latest commit to fix issuesThanos Apostolou
2018-12-14Use gtk3 by default, provide -gtk2 alternativethanosapostolou
2018-08-06Udpate to 1.5.2Alexandre Moine
2018-05-11Update to 1.5.1Alexandre Moine
2018-02-20Update to 1.5Alexandre Moine
2018-01-13remove unneeded local files & allow compilation with jdk9Alexandre Moine
2018-01-05Import from official repositoriesBartłomiej Piotrowski