AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-25Update to new upstream release 0.6.1Jiří Klimeš
2018-07-23Update maintainershipJiří Klimeš
2018-07-23Remove temporary fixes for building with Perl > 5.26Jiří Klimeš
2018-07-03Update to new upstream release 0.5.70Jiří Klimeš
2017-09-04Updated prepare() (by @blueowl)khampf
2017-02-06upstream version 0.5.69Kåre Hampf
2016-06-02New version upstreamKåre Hampf
2015-10-17cleanupKåre Hampf
2015-10-17rewritten PKGBUILDKåre Hampf
2015-10-14Changed PREFIX to INSTALL_BASE as parameter to Makepkg.plKåre Hampf
2015-08-26metadata updateKåre Hampf
2015-08-26version 0.5.67Kåre Hampf
2015-07-01Initial importKåre Hampf