AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-17Move test suite from cppunit to gtestFlorian Freund
2021-07-31Exclude nightly tag in pkgver()Florian Freund
2021-07-22Fix versionFlorian Freund
2021-07-22Remove config path override and fix versionFlorian Freund
2021-03-21Fix package versionFlorian Freund
2021-03-18Add aarch64 to the supported architecturesFlorian Freund
2019-10-28Create translation files when buildingFlorian Freund
2019-07-23Move lua back to dependenciesFlorian Freund
2019-07-23Enable testsFlorian Freund
2019-07-23Fix package version numberFlorian Freund
2019-03-22Comply with xdg standardFlorian Freund
2019-03-12Add libzip dependencyFlorian Freund
2019-03-06Remove previous recording dependenciesFlorian Freund
2019-02-27Fix empty script functionFlorian Freund
2019-02-27Improve PKGBUILDFlorian Freund
2019-02-07Replace sox by libsndfileFlorian Freund
2019-02-01Move audio recording to portaudioFlorian Freund
2019-01-18mathtex replaced by pdflatexFlorian Freund
2019-01-18Adopt maintainer list according to AUR guidelineFlorian Freund
2019-01-10Change default config pathFlorian Freund
2019-01-02Update dependenciesFlorian Freund
2018-12-10Remove manual poppler buildFlorian Freund
2018-12-03CMake now installs all files by itselfFlorian Freund
2018-11-27Adopt changes to Freund
2018-11-24Bump version and add contributorFlorian Freund
2018-11-24Add missing mkdirFlorian Freund
2018-11-24Remove unused patchFlorian Freund
2018-11-24Add xopp and xopt mimetypesFlorian Freund
2018-11-21Compiles Poppler 0.69 and changes to GTK3Mark Coolen
2018-07-31added swiftgeeks patchesMark Coolen
2017-06-19bump version - reinstate latex supportMark Coolen
2017-05-11updatequininer kel
2017-05-10updatequininer kel
2016-12-18switch to masterquininer kel
2016-12-01update and remove tex supportquininer kel
2016-07-05version updatequininer kel
2016-03-24patch isnanquininer kel
2015-11-18Update pkgverKeshav Amburay
2015-10-31Fix pkg descriptionKeshav Amburay
2015-10-31Switch to git development branchKeshav Amburay
2015-10-24Enable mathtex support and install the .desktop files properlyKeshav Amburay
2015-10-17Add maintainer infoKeshav Amburay
2015-10-17Use string_new git branchKeshav Amburay
2014-11-30Initial commitKeshav Amburay