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2016-05-16update to Favre
2016-05-04bump to 1.1.5Benoit Favre
2016-04-19bump to Favre
2016-04-12bump to 1.1.4Benoit Favre
2016-03-29add support for webp; add mimetype in .desktop fileBenoit Favre
2016-02-29bump to 1.1.3Benoit Favre
2016-02-29update to 1.1.2Benoit Favre
2015-11-09fix overwritten freetype filesBenoit Favre
2015-11-09add freetype dependencyBenoit Favre
2015-11-08update to 1.1.1Benoit Favre
2015-09-09update to Favre
2015-06-26Initial importBenoit Favre