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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-02Bump aseprite-skia verImperatorStorm
2022-06-02upgpkg: aseprite 1.2.35-1ImperatorStorm
2022-05-23Enable Aseprite scripting.ImperatorStorm
2022-04-17Revert "Add `tenacity-git` to `tenacity-wxgtk3-git`'s `conflicts`."ImperatorStorm
2022-03-24Add FabioLolix's suggestions and update email.ImperatorStorm
2022-03-16upgpkg: aseprite
2022-03-11Tabs are pain.ImperatorStorm
2022-03-11Further improvements to Aseprite PKGBUILD.ImperatorStorm
2022-03-11Improvement to previous commit.ImperatorStorm
2022-03-11upgpkg: aseprite 1.2.33-2ryuukk
2022-02-18Upload `.config` file when building `linux-lts-llvm`ImperatorStorm
2022-02-08upgpkg: aseprite 1.2.33-1ImperatorStorm
2022-01-20upgpkg: aseprite 1.2.32-1ImperatorStorm
2022-01-13Get rid of pixman in makedependsISSOtm
2022-01-13Use shared libfmtISSOtm
2022-01-13Get rid of `buildtools` and `common` dependenciesISSOtm
2022-01-13Register Aseprite's MIME infoISSOtm
2022-01-13Fix up desktop integrationISSOtm
2022-01-13Use upstream ``ISSOtm
2022-01-13Fix buildISSOtm
2022-01-12Updated gn, now have to dl a zip and unpack it. Builds fine, but my linker `m...ImperatorStorm
2022-01-12Fix up shared-libwebp.patch.ImperatorStorm
2022-01-12upgpkg: aseprite 1.2.31-1ImperatorStorm
2022-01-07Use upstream-provided .desktop fileISSOtm
2022-01-05Use brand new PKGBUILD for Aseprite Package (#1)Eldred Habert
2021-12-30Nuked checksums for most things, unreliable.ImperatorStorm
2021-12-30Fixed incorrect checksums and downgraded skia to m81, as aseprite v1.2.30 req...ImperatorStorm
2021-12-28Updated to v1.2.30. I have no idea what the original maintainers where doing,...ImperatorStorm
2021-04-20Update to v1.2.27, add Python 3 to makedependsrouhannb
2020-11-18Change googlesource tarball checksums to SKIProuhannb
2020-11-16Download tarballs instead of git reposrouhannb
2020-08-22Some cleanup, stop hardcoding path of Python 2rouhannb
2020-08-22Allow package to be rebuilt without cleaning src/rouhannb
2020-08-18Fix typo that breaks buildrouhannb
2020-08-18Update to v1.2.25rouhannb
2020-08-12Update to v1.2.24rouhannb
2020-08-05Update to v1.2.23rouhannb
2020-08-04Update to v1.2.22rouhannb
2020-06-20Update to v1.2.21rouhannb
2020-05-31Update to
2020-05-28Update to 1.2.19rouhannb
2020-04-24Update to 1.2.18rouhannb
2020-04-12Replace dependency harfbuzz-icu with harfbuzzrouhannb
2020-04-11Add freeglut and xorgproto as makedependsrouhannb
2020-03-13Restoring old python2 hackrouhannb
2020-03-13Fix checksums for gnrouhannb
2020-03-13Use static libjpegrouhannb
2020-03-12Update to v1.2.17rouhannb
2020-02-19Empty pkgrel bumprouhannb
2020-02-11Remove skia, update pkgrelRohan Bafna