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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-01fix build without <sys/sysctl.h>Andrew Sun
2019-07-20chipmunk: update to 7.0.3Andrew Sun
2018-01-22Updated to 7.0.2Massimiliano Torromeo
2016-03-30Disabled debug outputMassimiliano Torromeo
2016-03-30Updated to 7.0.1Massimiliano Torromeo
2015-03-23Updated chipmunk to version 7.0.0Massimiliano Torromeo
2014-06-13Updated chipmunk to version 6.2.1Massimiliano Torromeo
2013-09-13Updated chipmunk to version 6.2.0Massimiliano Torromeo
2013-06-06Updated chipmunk to version 6.1.5Massimiliano Torromeo
2013-03-11Updated chipmunk to version 6.1.4Massimiliano Torromeo
2012-08-25Updated chipmunk to version 6.1.1Massimiliano Torromeo
2012-03-06Updated website URLMassimiliano Torromeo
2012-03-06Upgraded chipmunk to version 6.0.3Massimiliano Torromeo
2011-10-13Downgraded to v 6.0.1 since 6.0.2 seems to break pymunkMassimiliano Torromeo
2011-10-13Added upgraded and fixed versions of the chipmunk package and its python bind...Massimiliano Torromeo