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2019-01-21Added git as makedepend.jgmdev
2018-12-15Updated version number reference.jgmdev
2018-04-05Removed webkitgtk2 from dependencies.jgmdev
2018-04-04Updated version number.jgmdev
2018-01-10Bump version.jgmdev
2018-01-10Minor changes.jgmdev
2017-02-24Updated git version.jgmdev
2016-10-02Updated description to match that one on github.jgmdev
2016-10-01Updated package description, since codelite now is more than a C/C++ IDE.jgmdev
2016-09-30Updated version revision.jgmdev
2016-09-28Added some other dependencies as found on main codelite aur package.jgmdev
2016-09-28Updated version strings.jgmdev
2016-05-06Updated version to reflect latest.jgmdev
2015-12-08Replaced optional depedency lldb-svn with lldb.jgmdev
2015-11-27Updated version to reflect latest tag.jgmdev
2015-06-14Moved maintainer to contributor and properly named the contributor a maintainer.jgmdev
2015-06-14Initial Import.jgmdev