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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-03Update versions fc31 and 3.34.0mydongistiny
2019-06-30Update versions fc30 and 3.32.2mydongistiny
2018-10-28Update for 3.30.2Davi da Silva Böger
2018-10-07Update for version 3.30.1Davi da Silva Böger
2018-05-22Update for 3.28.2Davi da Silva Böger
2018-04-15Update for 3.28.1Davi da Silva Böger
2018-02-20Fix Fedora patch URLDavi da Silva Böger
2017-11-03Update for 3.26.2Davi da Silva Böger
2017-10-13Update for latest Fedora patchesDavi da Silva Böger
2017-10-06Update for 3.26.1Davi da Silva Böger
2017-08-08Fix URL for Fedora patchDavi da Silva Böger
2017-05-11Update for 3.24.2, fix AUR helpers caching issuesDavi da Silva Böger
2017-04-26Add pkg-config to makedepsDavi da Silva Böger
2017-04-24Update for version 3.24.1Davi da Silva Böger
2017-03-01Update for latest patchesDavi da Silva Böger
2017-02-20Update for latest patch setDavi da Silva Böger
2016-11-08Download Fedora patches from Fedora git repoDavi da Silva Böger
2016-11-08Update for version 3.22.1Davi da Silva Böger
2016-11-07Remove unneeded install scriptDavi da Silva Böger
2016-10-30Version 3.22.0Manuel Hüsers
2016-08-12New releaseManuel Hüsers
2016-05-11Version 3.20.2Manuel Hüsers
2016-04-13Version 3.20.1Manuel Hüsers
2016-04-11Update .SRCINFO\nMissed out on updating this as wellManuel Hüsers
2016-04-11Update version restrictionManuel Hüsers
2016-04-09Version 3.20.0Manuel Hüsers
2015-11-14Version 3.18.2Manuel Hüsers
2015-10-14Add version restrictionManuel Hüsers
2015-10-14Version 3.18.1Manuel Hüsers
2015-10-09New releaseManuel Hüsers
2015-10-07Version 3.18.0Manuel Hüsers
2015-09-16Version 3.17.91Manuel Hüsers
2015-07-23Version 3.16.2Manuel
2015-07-23Add maintainerManuel Hüsers
2015-07-22Update PKGBUILDManuel Hüsers
2015-07-22Initial commitManuel Hüsers