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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-20upgpkg: gtk4 4.0.0Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-19gtk4: depends on pango instead of pango-gitShengyu Zhang
2020-11-06upgpkg: gtk4 3.99.4Shengyu Zhang
2020-11-06gtk4: move wayland-protocols from depends to makedependsShengyu Zhang
2020-10-22upgpkg: gtk4 3.99.3Shengyu Zhang
2020-10-13gtk4: fix conflict with pango and gtk-docShengyu Zhang
2020-10-05upgpkg: gtk4 3.99.2Shengyu Zhang
2020-08-09upgpkg: gtk4 3.99.0Shengyu Zhang
2020-05-20upgpkg: gtk4 3.98.4Shengyu Zhang
2020-04-26upgpkg: gtk4 3.98.3Shengyu Zhang
2020-04-05upgpkg: gtk4 3.98.2Shengyu Zhang
2020-03-24upgpkg: gtk4 3.98.1Shengyu Zhang
2020-02-12upgpkg: gtk4 3.98.0Shengyu Zhang
2019-05-15upgpkg: gtk4 3.96.0Shengyu Zhang
2018-06-28upgpkg: gtk4 3.94.0Shengyu Zhang
2018-02-14gtk4: change upstream from to gitlab.gnome.orgShengyu Zhang
2018-01-14gtk4: add provides, conflicts and replacesShengyu Zhang
2018-01-14upgpkg: gtk3 3.93.0Shengyu Zhang
2017-12-01gtk4: ungroup gnomeShengyu Zhang
2017-07-25UpdateDario Ostuni
2017-05-01UpdateDario Ostuni
2017-04-22[testing]Dario Ostuni
2017-04-09Initial commitDario Ostuni