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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-13added condition to create the files only if they do not existSam Burgos
2019-11-04PKGBUILD aligned with upstream releaseSam Burgos
2019-05-22automate enabling autologin to lightdm-guestSam Burgos
2019-05-22editing files and making cleanupSam Burgos
2019-05-22updated to version 1.30, drop qt4 support and updated PKGBUILDSam Burgos
2018-11-15updated to version 1.28.0Sam Burgos
2018-06-12edited PKGBUILD for more testingSam Burgos
2018-06-12testing changes to PKGBUILDSam Burgos
2018-06-12initial testing commitSam Burgos