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7 daysUpgrade to 8.24Tyler Swagar
2019-08-13Upgrade to 8.23Tyler Swagar
2019-07-19Upgrade to 8.22Tyler Swagar
2019-07-14Upgrade to 8.21Tyler Swagar
2019-07-08Upgrade to 8.19Tyler Swagar
2019-06-28Upgrade to 8.18Tyler Swagar
2019-06-11Perl 5.30 rebuildTyler Swagar
2019-05-26Upgrade to 8.17Tyler Swagar
2019-05-19Upgrade to 8.16Tyler Swagar
2019-04-27Upgrade to 8.15Tyler Swagar
2019-04-18Upgrade to 8.14Tyler Swagar
2019-03-22Upgrade to 8.13Tyler Swagar
2019-02-02Upgrade to 8.12Tyler Swagar
2019-01-02Upgrade to 8.11Tyler Swagar
2018-12-20Upgrade to 8.10Tyler Swagar
2018-12-04Upgrade to 8.09Tyler Swagar
2018-12-01Upgrade to 8.08Tyler Swagar
2018-11-19Upgrade to 8.07Tyler Swagar
2018-11-08Upgrade to 8.06Tyler Swagar
2018-10-21Upgrade to 8.04Tyler Swagar
2018-10-18Upgrade to 8.03Tyler Swagar
2018-10-01Upgrade to 8.02Tyler Swagar
2018-09-27Upgrade to 8.01Tyler Swagar
2018-09-14Upgrade to 8.0Tyler Swagar
2018-08-31Upgrade to 7.94Tyler Swagar
2018-08-12Upgrade to 7.93Tyler Swagar
2018-08-09Upgrade to 7.92Tyler Swagar
2018-08-08Upgrade to 7.90Tyler Swagar
2018-08-07Upgrade to 7.89Tyler Swagar
2018-07-13Upgrade to 7.88Tyler Swagar
2018-07-05Upgrade to 7.87Tyler Swagar
2018-06-19Upgrade to 7.85Tyler Swagar
2018-06-18Upgrade to 7.84Tyler Swagar
2018-06-04Upgrade to 7.83Tyler Swagar
2018-05-27Upgrade to 7.82Tyler Swagar
2018-05-21Upgrade to 7.81Tyler Swagar
2018-05-14Upgrade to 7.79Tyler Swagar
2018-05-11Upgrade to 7.78Tyler Swagar
2018-05-01Upgrade to 7.77Tyler Swagar
2018-04-24Upgrade to 7.76Tyler Swagar
2018-04-07Upgrade to 7.74Tyler Swagar
2018-04-06Upgrade to 7.73Tyler Swagar
2018-04-02Upgrade to 7.72Tyler Swagar
2018-03-16Upgrade to 7.71Tyler Swagar
2018-02-28Upgrade to 7.70Tyler Swagar
2018-02-24Upgrade to 7.69Tyler Swagar
2018-02-23Upgrade to 7.68Tyler Swagar
2018-02-19Upgrade to 7.67Tyler Swagar
2018-02-14Upgrade to 7.66Tyler Swagar
2018-02-11upgrade to 7.65Tyler Swagar