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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-19Updated major versionSergio Garnica
2020-06-25Removed dep number to python semantic as current arch is higherS Garnica
2019-11-26Remove py-marshmallow versionS Garnica
2019-10-24Updated depsS Garnica
2019-10-16Added git as makedepS Garnica
2019-08-22Added python-tabulate to depsSGar
2019-07-15Added provides platformioSGar
2019-07-15Remove arrow as depSGar
2019-06-25Update python-click depSGar
2019-02-06Compile with python 3Sergio Garnica
2017-09-16Depend on python2-arrow, update to platformio-core repoWill Price
2016-09-04Add python2-semantic-version dependencyWill Price
2016-01-09Integrate updates from bricewgeWill Price
2015-08-03Initial importWill Price