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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-05Update to version 0.12.1Rich Li
2019-03-18Update to version 0.12.0Rich Li
2019-01-28Update to version 0.11.3Rich Li
2019-01-21Switch to PyPI for source tarballRich Li
2019-01-21Update package checksumsRich Li
2019-01-03Update to version 0.11.2Rich Li
2019-01-02Update to version 0.11.1Rich Li
2018-11-08Update to version 0.11.0Rich Li
2018-10-25Update package checksumsRich Li
2018-09-24Update to version 0.10.9Rich Li
2018-07-19Update to version 0.10.8Rich Li
2018-06-08Update to version 0.10.7Rich Li
2018-06-01Update to version 0.10.6Rich Li
2018-05-18Update to version 0.10.4Rich Li
2018-04-17Update to version 0.10.3Rich Li
2018-03-13Update to version 0.10.2Rich Li
2018-02-26Update to version 0.10.1Rich Li
2017-11-20Update to version 0.10.0Rich Li
2017-06-12Update to version 0.9.6Rich Li
2017-04-24Update to version 0.9.5Rich Li
2017-04-04Temporarily disable test suiteRich Li
2017-04-04Update to version 0.9.2Rich Li
2017-02-01Update to version 0.9.1Rich Li
2017-01-28Update to version 0.9.0Rich Li
2016-08-20Update to version 0.8.2Rich Li
2016-08-08Switch from nose to pytestRich Li
2016-08-08Update to version 0.8.1Rich Li
2016-03-18Update to version 0.7.2Rich Li
2016-02-23Update to version 0.7.1Rich Li
2016-01-26Correct upstream URLRich Li
2016-01-21Note that this replaces python-xrayRich Li
2016-01-21Update to version 0.7.0, rename to python-xarrayRich Li
2015-11-07Remove obsolete libraryRich Li
2015-11-07Update to version 0.6.1Rich Li
2015-08-29Update to version 0.6.0Rich Li
2015-08-05Update to version 0.5.2Rich Li
2015-06-15Update to version 0.5.1Rich Li
2015-06-08Update to version 0.5.0Rich Li
2015-06-08Import version 0.4.1 from old AURRich Li