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2018-11-11Changes to build and run with Java 8Roman
2018-09-12pwd change removedmax.bra
2018-08-29v. 4.8.4max.bra
2018-04-06api keys addedmax.bra
2018-03-22v. 4.8.0max.bra
2017-02-20ver. 4.7.8max.bra
2017-01-12jna access restored. no more any arch. x86, x86_64 and armv7h only.max.bra
2017-01-06disabled GVFSmax.bra
2016-08-01ver. 4.7.1max.bra
2016-07-19better home paths managementsmax.bra
2016-05-02v. 4.7max.bra
2016-03-13several adjustments from upstream (e.g. Apache common VFS is now used for arc...max.bra
2015-06-08Initial importmax.bra