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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-09Initialize a package to build the GRUB for the Xen platformChris Chapman
2020-02-06Mirror changes to grub.default in [Core]Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-06-12Resolve build issues that appeared after upstream commit [35b909062e7b334eb4a...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-04-01Update PKGBUILD to accommodate changes in upstream commit 35b909062e7b334eb4a...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2018-01-26Update Unifont to 10.0.06Llewelyn Trahaearn
2017-02-11Rebase on latest PKBUILD from [Core].Llewelyn Trahaearn
2015-06-08Initial commitKeshav Amburay