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Package Base: bcachefs-tools-git
Description: BCacheFS filesystem utilities
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Licenses: GPL2
Provides: bcachefs-tools
Submitter: QuartzDragon
Maintainer: QuartzDragon
Last Packager: QuartzDragon
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First Submitted: 2018-11-16 21:14 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-06-17 10:59 (UTC)

Latest Comments

demizer commented on 2021-10-13 17:54 (UTC)

The error "Package libudev was not found in the pkg-config search path." is solved by adding "systemd" to makedepends.

koA7 commented on 2021-07-25 15:17 (UTC)

Build failed but was able to fix it by installing python-docutils to get the dependency on rst2man.

BrianAllred commented on 2021-01-20 19:27 (UTC)

Building in a clean chroot fails with

Package libudev was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libudev.pc'
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
Package 'libudev', required by 'virtual:world', not found
Makefile:52: *** pkg-config error, command: pkg-config --cflags "blkid uuid liburcu libsodium zlib liblz4 libzstd libudev".  Stop.

Yardanico commented on 2020-10-29 10:50 (UTC)

IS there any reason for adding cargo into makedepends? The package successfully works without it.

abelian424 commented on 2020-05-08 23:17 (UTC) (edited on 2020-05-08 23:17 (UTC) by abelian424)

@QuartzDragon no segfault with running bcachefs format. maybe it got fixed? also, need to add cargo and clang build dependencies with version 580.

QuartzDragon commented on 2020-04-30 23:44 (UTC) (edited on 2020-04-30 23:45 (UTC) by QuartzDragon)


According to the GCC manpage, -O is equivalent to -O1.

-O0 does zero optimizations, I think.

I did that, because it fixed whatever bug @Vitruvius was having.

If I were you, I'd test to see if -O1 produces a segfault or not with running bcachefs format <disk>.

If not, I'll update the PKGBUILD defaults.

Otherwise, you're more than free to change that line to suit your own needs.

abelian424 commented on 2020-04-30 14:00 (UTC)

Shouldn't this be built with EXTRA_CFLAGS="-O" instead of EXTRA_CFLAGS="-O0"? It seems to build fine, and I don't get warnings about fortify build.

bobpaul commented on 2020-03-29 20:27 (UTC)

When running mkinitcpio I get

==> ERROR: module not found: `bcachefs'
==> ERROR: binary dependency `' not found for `bcachefs'

I think libaio needs to be moved from a makedep to a dep.

QuartzDragon commented on 2020-01-08 03:15 (UTC)


Tell me if the latest update fixed it.

misson20000 commented on 2020-01-07 05:29 (UTC)

I get errors from mkinitcpio about not finding the "bcachefs:" module. I suspect this comes from erroneous use of backticks on line 44 of add-mkinitcpio-hook-for-Arch.patch, which expands to "bcachefs: missing command".

brendon-boldt commented on 2019-11-29 17:42 (UTC)

I believe build dependencies on fuse3 and valgrind are missing.

Vitruvius commented on 2019-08-06 01:37 (UTC)

Totally bizarre bug; I'm dropping a comment here in case it helps anyone else: The default optimization level (-O2) caused a segfault when running bcachefs format <disk>. Building with EXTRA_CFLAGS="-O0" fixed it.

QuartzDragon commented on 2019-07-27 09:16 (UTC)

Hopefully the latest push fixes whatever your issue is.

jawbone commented on 2019-07-27 09:04 (UTC)

This fails at runtime. libscrypt, libsodium, and liburcu are runtime deps.

QuartzDragon commented on 2019-01-19 05:22 (UTC)

Fixed. :)

benjaminglass commented on 2019-01-18 18:40 (UTC)

Build fails without libaio installed (i.e. building in clean chroot); should be added to dependency list.

QuartzDragon commented on 2019-01-17 11:01 (UTC)

Should be fixed now?

nicman23 commented on 2019-01-17 10:35 (UTC)

did you forget to push?

QuartzDragon commented on 2019-01-14 09:49 (UTC)


nicman23 commented on 2019-01-13 22:19 (UTC)

please remove the /etc/files and add the files from this pull to the respective /usr dir.