Package Details: brlcad 7.32.6-1

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Package Base: brlcad
Description: An extensive 3D solid modeling system.
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Keywords: CAD
Licenses: BSD, LGPL, custom:BDL
Submitter: louipc
Maintainer: ejno
Last Packager: ejno
Votes: 66
Popularity: 0.000027
First Submitted: 2007-02-04 02:47 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-05-16 04:58 (UTC)

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jade1 commented on 2021-06-25 22:41 (UTC)

@ejno, it's now fixed upstream in the git version as my fix got merged, so next release you can take the patch out :)

ejno commented on 2021-06-12 16:57 (UTC)

@jade1: Updated. Thanks for the patch!

jade1 commented on 2021-06-12 09:02 (UTC)

Currently does not build. Here's a patch that fixes it:

From 4f6f160473a9eba13876f079ea23f6cfe3263854 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Jade <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 01:54:17 -0700
Subject: [PATCH] Fix missing includes of <limits>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Example compile error from gcc-11.1.0 on archlinux:
/home/jade/builds/brlcad/src/brlcad/src/libged/brep/brep.cpp: In function ‘int _brep_cmd_plate_mode(void*, int, const char*
/home/jade/builds/brlcad/src/brlcad/src/libged/brep/brep.cpp:810:48: error: ‘numeric_limits’ is not a member of ‘std’
  810 |     ss << std::fixed << std::setprecision(std::numeric_limits<double>::max_digits10) << pthicknessmm;
      |                                                ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 src/libbg/earcut.hpp     | 1 +
 src/libged/brep/brep.cpp | 1 +
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/src/libbg/earcut.hpp b/src/libbg/earcut.hpp
index 19c9d11430..9d78d679ff 100644
--- a/src/libbg/earcut.hpp
+++ b/src/libbg/earcut.hpp
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
 #include <algorithm>
 #include <cassert>
 #include <cmath>
+#include <limits>
 #include <memory>
 #include <vector>

diff --git a/src/libged/brep/brep.cpp b/src/libged/brep/brep.cpp
index 4f0ec5c0e6..7b71a5a6aa 100644
--- a/src/libged/brep/brep.cpp
+++ b/src/libged/brep/brep.cpp
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
 #include <fstream>
 #include <iomanip>
 #include <iostream>
+#include <limits>
 #include <list>
 #include <map>
 #include <queue>

ljj038 commented on 2019-10-17 09:38 (UTC)

@ejno thanks. I use a proxy solved the problem. (you know the gfw)

ejno commented on 2019-10-15 00:01 (UTC)

@ljj038: If you're behind a proxy, try this:

ljj038 commented on 2019-10-14 07:57 (UTC)

svn: E175002: REPORT request on '/p/brlcad/code/!svn/me' failed

nTia89 commented on 2019-08-11 13:31 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-16 13:53 (UTC) by nTia89)

Package broken! Compilation gives me an error:

STATUS: Performing Test HAVE_DECL_DAEMON - Failed
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:2712 (CHECK_SYMBOL_EXISTS):
  Unknown CMake command "CHECK_SYMBOL_EXISTS".

EDIT: I fixed (here is how)[1] the above issue but brlcad still does not start


ctag commented on 2019-03-26 13:41 (UTC) (edited on 2019-03-26 14:14 (UTC) by ctag)

brlcad will tab-complete, but does not run after installing.

[ctag@comp ~]$ brlcad
brlcad         brlcad-config  
[ctag@comp ~]$ brlcad
bash: brlcad: command not found

Edit: Ok, I just learned that the ui is separated from brlcad. Running /opt/brlcad/bin/mged produces a flickering screen that I can't use. Running /opt/brlcad/bin/archer seems to work!

MrLinuxFish commented on 2018-02-14 07:30 (UTC)

brlcad is failing the validity check when I try to install it.

heavysink commented on 2017-09-01 18:11 (UTC)

brlcad is now in arch4edu repository: [arch4edu] SigLevel = Never Server =$arch

Baumi commented on 2017-08-11 17:00 (UTC)

Sorry for answering that late. The solution is quite old: At the end is the solution. As I removed brlcad and did the mkinitcpio again all was running fine afterwards.

ejno commented on 2017-08-09 01:29 (UTC)

@Baumi: Thanks for reporting this issue. My system does not reproduce this situation; would you be able to provide further information on how you identified this?

Baumi commented on 2017-08-02 12:29 (UTC)

brlcad is quite dangerous. If you installed it and do a update inlcluding "mkinitcpio -p linux" your system will be broken. The reason is, that some modules from gzip are not compatible between brlcad and your running system. And mknitcpio accidentally takes the wrong one to create an image. Only repair method: uninstall brlcad, do an manual "mkinitcpio -p linux" and reboot. At least on my box it worked.

Lacrymology commented on 2017-06-29 19:53 (UTC)

@ejno, no I hadn't. If it's documented somewhere I missed it, sorry

ejno commented on 2017-06-27 23:28 (UTC)

@Lacrymology: Hi, did you re-login or source /etc/profile.d/ ?

Lacrymology commented on 2017-06-27 23:20 (UTC)

I can't see any binaries installed in a common path location. ✔ ~ 20:19 $ mged bash: mged: command not found ✘-127 ~ 20:19 $ archer bash: archer: command not found

ejno commented on 2017-04-08 17:23 (UTC) (edited on 2017-04-08 17:36 (UTC) by ejno)

@pegasusearl: The primary editing interface is MGED (, which can be started by running "mged" from the command line. The successor (alpha release) editing interface is Archer, which can be run as "archer".

pegasusearl commented on 2017-04-08 07:55 (UTC)

excuse me, how to run brlcad?

ejno commented on 2016-12-18 05:57 (UTC) (edited on 2016-12-18 06:03 (UTC) by ejno)

@thebunnyrules: Okay, thanks for the update. Let me know if you still encounter any problems with building BRL-CAD or the package. Regarding noexec, it's a mount option that disables direct execution of files that have the execute bit set. Some people mount /tmp or /home noexec, and some non-UNIX filesystems exhibit similar behavior by default.

thebunnyrules commented on 2016-12-16 15:37 (UTC)

Well, it seems like I messed up my development environment by mixing and matching header files from other distros. I'll know better than that next time ;) I set myself up a couple of virtual machines: one Ubuntu to compile the source codes that compile better on Debian based systems. And I made myself an Arch vm while I was at it to see how the BRL-Cad compiles on a fresh system. brl-cad aur compiled without any problems inside my VirtualBox. I'm just going to restore my system to a more stable point via one of my backups.

thebunnyrules commented on 2016-12-16 06:39 (UTC)

@ejno thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it. I'm new to compiling my apps, what do you mean by no-exec environment? Is this a cmake option or something relating with my System setup? I have not messed around with any of the file permissions within my usr folder. My compiling procedure involves the following command in the terminal: git clone cd brlcad makepkg -is (I've also tried running CMake from Sourcefourge and BRL-CAD's website) Here are my CMakeOutput.log and CMakeError.log files. It's very strange, the errors have changed since I tried to compile BRL before yesterday. I was trying to build some application that were Unbuntu-centric and I was missing alot of includes in /usr/includes/sys, so I downloaded the required debs from Debian's site and extracted the missing .h file from them. Now the errors are all different. brlcad/src/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log: brlcad/src/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log:

ejno commented on 2016-12-15 21:07 (UTC) (edited on 2016-12-15 21:22 (UTC) by ejno)

@thebunnyrules: The date and time are obtained by building and running a small C program -- are you building in a noexec filesystem, by any chance? Please also attach CMakeOutput.log. BRL-CAD has not yet been migrated to Tcl/Tk 8.6.x, although work is in progress. For this reason, the PKGBUILD uses the bundled Tcl/Tk.

ejno commented on 2016-12-15 20:58 (UTC)

I've modified the PKGBUILD to apply the patch, which enables installation of the `gcv` command during the build.

thebunnyrules commented on 2016-12-15 11:03 (UTC)

Has anyone else come across this issue? Or knows how to resolve it? I'm trying to compile release 7.26.02. And I got this error: Code to determine current date and time failed! So, I went into /CMakeLists.txt (the main one) and entered the build date manually, replacing: message(FATAL_ERROR "Code to determine current date and time failed!\n") [this us the line that gives the fatal error if date and time protocol fail] with: set(CONFIG_DATE "161214") #<===== I also tried "20161214" [I simply replaced the automatic datestamp with a manual one to get around the problem] After making this substitution, it seems to be working well for 70% of the cmake process but then I hit this error where it says that it was unable to find Tcl, itcl or Tk libraries depite the fact they are installed and in directories where CMake was searching (see list below) Here are the details: ERROR MESSAGE: Could not find at least one of Tcl, Itcl or Tk libraries in /usr/lib64, /usr/lib64/itcl4.0.5, and /usr/lib64 Here are the contents of the Tcl,Itcl and Tk lib folders: /usr/lib64/itcl4.0.5/ itclHullCmds.tcl itcl.tcl itclWidget.tcl libitclstub4.0.5.a pkgIndex.tcl /usr/lib64/tk8.6/ see this pastebin: /usr/lib64/tcl8.6/ see this: It seems to me, I have all the needed libraries and the correct versions. I have check permission and everyone of the directories has read permissions given to everyone. Any ideas?

ejno commented on 2016-08-13 16:56 (UTC) (edited on 2016-08-13 16:57 (UTC) by ejno)

Updated to 7.26.0. Release notes are available at

ejno commented on 2016-06-02 00:27 (UTC)

@gjw: Thanks, should be fixed now.

gjw commented on 2016-05-27 16:58 (UTC)

It does not build any more. It stops at 44 percentage. It seems to me that some functions in the boost libraries have been removed and put into g++ instead.

lenzj commented on 2015-12-13 14:11 (UTC)

@ejno: It compiles and works well now. Thanks again.

ejno commented on 2015-12-13 05:44 (UTC)

@lenzj: Thanks, should be fixed now.

lenzj commented on 2015-12-12 12:40 (UTC)

I'm getting the following error during compile: /tmp/pacaurtmp-/brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.2/src/other/boost/boost/xpressive/detail/static/transmogrify.hpp:42:46: error: no type named ‘string_type’ in ‘struct boost::xpressive::cpp_regex_traits<char>’ typedef typename Traits::string_type string_type;

ejno commented on 2015-03-12 12:59 (UTC)

@lenzj: Great, thanks for confirming!

lenzj commented on 2015-03-12 12:28 (UTC)

@finale: I've confirmed that it's compiling successfully for me now. Thank you!

ejno commented on 2015-03-12 06:32 (UTC)

@lenzj: Should be fixed now.

ejno commented on 2015-03-08 03:47 (UTC)

@lenzj: Thanks for reporting, I will investigate the issue.

lenzj commented on 2015-03-07 22:47 (UTC)

I'm getting the following error using "yaourt -S brlcad" ---------------- ... Print verbose compilation progress ....: OFF Install example geometry models .......: ON Generate extra docs ...................: ON (html/man) Elapsed configuration time..: 27 seconds -- Configuring done CMake Error at src/tclscripts/rtwizard/CMakeLists.txt:74 (add_dependencies): The dependency target "bwish" of target "rtwizard" does not exist. CMake Error at src/archer/CMakeLists.txt:9 (add_dependencies): The dependency target "bwish" of target "archer" does not exist. ---------------- I put the full output in the link below if it helps:

commented on 2015-03-02 14:35 (UTC)

@finale: Turns out tmpfs was full. Expanding it solved the issue. Thanks for the tip.

ejno commented on 2015-03-01 18:08 (UTC)

@EmperorDAZ: Thanks for reporting. I am only able to reproduce the error by filling the tmpfs; can you verify that /tmp is not full? Thanks.

commented on 2015-03-01 15:15 (UTC)

Fails to install. CMake Error at src/rt/cmake_install.cmake:366 (file): file INSTALL cannot copy file "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-<username>/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-build/bin/rtrange" to "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-<username>/aur-brlcad/pkg/brlcad/opt/brlcad/bin/rtrange". Call Stack (most recent call first): src/cmake_install.cmake:73 (include) cmake_install.cmake:50 (include) Makefile:86: recipe for target 'install' failed make: *** [install] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().

ejno commented on 2015-02-22 19:16 (UTC)

I can take over this package.

hrocho commented on 2015-01-12 10:35 (UTC)

Does someone want to take over this package ? I do not have much time recently.

sytabaresa commented on 2014-12-24 04:17 (UTC)

version 7.24.2 got released

commented on 2014-09-02 02:03 (UTC)

brlcad is installed to /opt/brlcad, so you will need to add /opt/brlcad/bin to your PATH

nervencid commented on 2014-08-31 18:29 (UTC)

Where is the launcher of archer or the frontend?

nervencid commented on 2014-08-31 17:45 (UTC)

There are no launcher for this programa and i can't run it from terminal

masterkorp commented on 2014-02-07 15:56 (UTC)

[ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/dwin.dir/hamwin.c.o Scanning dependencies of target dsel [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/dsel.dir/dsel.c.o Linking C executable ../../bin/dwin [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/dfft.dir/interp.c.o Linking C executable ../../bin/dsel [ 27%] Built target dwin [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/dfft.dir/butter.c.o Scanning dependencies of target dmod [ 27%] [ 27%] Built target dsel Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/dmod.dir/dmod.c.o Scanning dependencies of target dstats [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/dstats.dir/dstats.c.o Linking C executable ../../bin/dfft Linking C executable ../../bin/dmod Linking C executable ../../bin/dstats [ 27%] Built target dfft Scanning dependencies of target f-i [ 27%] [ 27%] Built target dstats Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/f-i.dir/f-i.c.o [ 27%] Built target dmod Scanning dependencies of target ihist Scanning dependencies of target i-a [ 27%] [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/ihist.dir/ihist.c.o Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/i-a.dir/i-a.c.o Linking C executable ../../bin/i-a Linking C executable ../../bin/f-i [ 27%] Built target i-a Scanning dependencies of target istats [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/istats.dir/istats.c.o Linking C executable ../../bin/ihist [ 27%] Built target f-i Scanning dependencies of target smod [ 27%] Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/smod.dir/smod.c.o [ 27%] Built target ihist Scanning dependencies of target i-f [ 27%] CMakeFiles/Makefile2:5864: recipe for target 'src/other/tk/CMakeFiles/tk.dir/all' failed make[1]: *** [src/other/tk/CMakeFiles/tk.dir/all] Error 2 make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Building C object src/sig/CMakeFiles/i-f.dir/i-f.c.o Linking C executable ../../bin/istats [ 27%] Built target istats Linking C executable ../../bin/i-f Linking C executable ../../bin/smod [ 27%] Built target i-f [ 27%] Built target smod Linking CXX shared library ../../lib/ [ 27%] Built target libpc Linking CXX static library ../../lib/libpc.a [ 27%] Built target libpc-static Makefile:146: recipe for target 'all' failed make: *** [all] Error 2 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... The build failed. Any ideas ?

hrocho commented on 2013-10-25 15:31 (UTC)

sorry for late reply, I added -DBRLCAD_PNG=ON option, now older version of libpng will be installed to /opt/brlcad/lib, but it seems its not needed to run mged or archer.

hal commented on 2013-10-24 13:05 (UTC)

Hello! This is what i've got. (x86-64) CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND. Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files: PNG linked by target "libicv" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/libicv linked by target "libicv-static" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/libicv linked by target "fb-png" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/fb linked by target "png-fb" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/fb linked by target "bw-png" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/util linked by target "pix-png" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/util linked by target "png-bw" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/util linked by target "png-pix" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/util linked by target "png_info" in directory /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.24.0/src/util -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". See also "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-hal/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log". ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

thirtythreeforty commented on 2013-09-28 21:48 (UTC)

Got the following error when building this package: CMake Error at src/proc-db/cmake_install.cmake:202 (FILE): file INSTALL cannot copy file "/tmp/pacaurtmp-georgev/brlcad/src/brlcad-build/bin/csgbrep" to "/tmp/pacaurtmp-georgev/brlcad/pkg/brlcad/opt/brlcad/bin/csgbrep". Call Stack (most recent call first): src/cmake_install.cmake:74 (INCLUDE) cmake_install.cmake:50 (INCLUDE) I have no idea how to fix this.

hrocho commented on 2013-07-31 13:12 (UTC)

there can be a serious problem with this package after upgrade to be on safe side the brlcad lib directory is not added to, in case it is needed, please add manually

ArchFwin commented on 2013-06-16 15:47 (UTC)

7.24.0 is now up. MD5sum is "ecd94dfaf0b980776c589bb9337a6786" according to sourceforge, and the source can be downloaded using the same source array.

hrocho commented on 2013-05-06 09:48 (UTC)

adding "-DBRLCAD_BUNDLED_LIBS=ON" config option should fix it

louipc commented on 2013-01-02 23:58 (UTC)

I really don't have time to properly figure this out, so I'll orphan so someone can take over.

louipc commented on 2013-01-02 23:36 (UTC)

Tcl8.6 now bundles itcl which is where the initial problem occurs. That needs to be resolved in brlcad. I'm not sure if the brlcad can work with the Tcl verion of itcl or not. If you build with all bundled libs in brlcad, you'll need to remove /etc/ [last line of the package() function] so the system doesn't load the conflicting libraries. You'll also need to define LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running brlcad programs so they can find the proper libraries. It's a bit of a tricky situation.

budulay commented on 2013-01-02 07:08 (UTC)

Turns out it wasn't such a great idea - after a reboot, firefox wouldn't run, complaining about libpng: firefox: relocation error: /usr/lib/firefox/ symbol png_get_first_frame_is_hidden, version PNG15_0 not defined in file with link time reference Vim would spit this out each time it was started: vim: /opt/brlcad/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/ vim: /opt/brlcad/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/ vim: /opt/brlcad/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/ After removing brlcad these problems went away. I am quite lost.

budulay commented on 2013-01-01 14:37 (UTC)

After a recent tk update brlcad won't start anymore, throwing this: /opt/brlcad/bin/../bin/bwish: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Rebuilding it also failed with this: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:456 (_message): Could not find at least one of Tcl, Itcl or Tk libraries in /usr/lib, /usr/lib/itcl4.0.0, and /usr/lib - please specify the parent directory for the libraries in the TCL_BIN_PREFIX variable (e.g. ${TCL_BIN_PREFIX}/lib) Call Stack (most recent call first): src/other/incrTcl/itk/CMakeLists.txt:81 (MESSAGE) I added -DBRLCAD_BUNDLED_LIBS=ON option to cmake to get it to compile. Taken from this thread:

louipc commented on 2012-07-07 20:24 (UTC)

brlcad 7.22.0-1 up.

louipc commented on 2012-06-12 04:32 (UTC)

brlcad 7.20.6-1 With upstream recommended patches. brlcad 7.22.0 should be coming soon though. Cheers.

budulay commented on 2012-06-11 08:38 (UTC)

The only things needed to build the newest one is to change the version and md5sum lines: pkgver=7.20.6 md5sums=('2249e9f5f556e48ed66a1ba6e407ed60')

commented on 2012-01-31 18:43 (UTC)

Removed --as-needed from LDFLAGS and I was able to build and install the package. Thanks!

louipc commented on 2012-01-29 21:46 (UTC)

ljj038: Yeah I tried to use separate itk and itcl packages but it didn't work. I think the bundled libs are patched as well so best to stick with those. If you want to avoid conflicts during building like that you can build in a clean chroot.

louipc commented on 2012-01-29 21:35 (UTC)

That's caused by the --as-needed linker flag in LDFLAGS. If you remove that flag from makepkg.conf, then it should link fine.

commented on 2012-01-25 18:46 (UTC)

Can't build brlcad 7.20.4-1. I'm on Arch64 output: Linking C executable ../../bin/rttherm /usr/bin/ld: ../../lib/librttherm.a(main.c.o): undefined reference to symbol 'fb_open' /usr/bin/ld: note: 'fb_open' is defined in DSO ../../lib/ so try adding it to the linker command line ../../lib/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation collect2: ld gab 1 als Ende-Status zurück make[2]: *** [bin/rttherm] Fehler 1 make[1]: *** [src/rttherm/CMakeFiles/rttherm.dir/all] Fehler 2 make: *** [all] Fehler 2

ljj038 commented on 2011-11-21 14:51 (UTC)

I remove the itk and itcl packages which is build from AUR to continue the brlcad. It works.

ljj038 commented on 2011-11-21 13:11 (UTC)

whereis itcl itcl: /usr/lib/itcl3.4 /usr/include/itcl.h /usr/share/man/mann/itcl.n.gz whereis itk itk: /usr/lib/itk3.3 /usr/include/itk.h /usr/share/man/mann/itk.n.gz

ljj038 commented on 2011-11-21 13:09 (UTC)

-- Found TCL: /usr/lib/ -- Found TK: /usr/lib/ -- Looking for tcl.h -- Looking for tcl.h - found -- Looking for tk.h -- Looking for tk.h - found -- Found ITCL: 3.4 -- Found ITK: 3.3 CMake Error at src/other/incrTcl/itk/CMakeLists.txt:81 (MESSAGE): Could not find at least one of Tcl, Itcl or Tk libraries in /usr/lib, /usr/lib/itcl3.4, and /usr/lib - please specify the parent directory for the libraries in the TCL_BIN_PREFIX variable (e.g. ${TCL_BIN_PREFIX}/lib)

louipc commented on 2011-11-19 22:47 (UTC)

brlcad 7.20.4-1

louipc commented on 2011-03-13 21:19 (UTC)

brlcad-7.18.4 should be coming soon, so I'll just wait for that.

louipc commented on 2010-12-12 03:56 (UTC)

Hello! brlcad-7.18.0 is here.

commented on 2010-11-14 07:34 (UTC)

Ok, i had the wrong path in .bashrc. Typed in export JAVA_HOME="/opt/java/jre/bin/java" and this is definitly wrong. :D With /opt/java/jre it's working. Thank you very much. :)

louipc commented on 2010-11-10 20:12 (UTC)

My JAVA_HOME with jre is '/opt/java/jre' by the way. It builds the docs fine that way on my machine.

louipc commented on 2010-11-10 20:10 (UTC)

Ah that's for building pdf documentation. Something must be wrong with your java environment or fop. You can just skip that if you want by passing --disable-documentation to ./configure You might be able to fix it by reinitialising your shell environment, or typing `. /etc/profile` in your shell.

commented on 2010-11-09 20:38 (UTC)

After 3 hours of compiling i got this. I tried to insert "export JAVA_HOME=pathtojava.." but it won't work. Any ideas? FOP_OPTS=-Djava.awt.headless=true /usr/bin/fop -c fop.xconf articles/en/ -pdf articles/en/build_pattern.pdf Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly. We cannot execute /opt/java/jre/bin/java/bin/java make[2]: *** [articles/en/build_pattern.pdf] Error 1 rm articles/en/ make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/yaourt-tmp-ferdl/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.16.10/doc/docbook' make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Fehler 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/yaourt-tmp-ferdl/aur-brlcad/src/brlcad-7.16.10/doc' make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

Xyne commented on 2010-08-14 17:26 (UTC)

Well, it was a genuine question because I'm not sure, but mixing relative and absolute paths looks wrong to me, e.g.: mv /tmp/.pacbrlcad etc/

louipc commented on 2010-08-14 14:14 (UTC)

I think that might depend on what pacman considers as the root path.

Xyne commented on 2010-08-14 12:41 (UTC)

Shouldn't the path to in the install file be an absolute path?

louipc commented on 2010-05-17 15:55 (UTC)

brlcad 7.16.8-1

louipc commented on 2010-04-20 15:06 (UTC)

Tkimg was actually replaced by tkpng in the svn repo, but commit messages didn't seem too explicit about what was being fixed. You may want to try building from svn trunk if the next release takes too long. Cheers!

Xyne commented on 2010-04-20 14:49 (UTC)

I was just wondering if this was specific to my set-up or if it was a general x86_64 problem. It seems to be the latter and thus an upstream problem. I didn't find a bug report about this upstream but someone has to notice the problem eventually. I didn't file a report myself because I wouldn't be able to properly follow up on it for testing etc. I'm not in a hurry so I'll just wait for upstream to catch up. Thanks for your help.

louipc commented on 2010-04-20 14:12 (UTC)

I don't have such a system. I'm just offering possible solutions since I can't reproduce the problem.

Xyne commented on 2010-04-20 12:33 (UTC)

Neither installation of "tkimg" nor uncommenting "--diable-tkimg" helped (even with the default makepkg.conf). Have you managed to build this on a fully updated x86_64 system? Thanks all the same.

louipc commented on 2010-04-19 17:23 (UTC)

Try uncommenting the --disable-tkimg in the PKGBUILD. I guess the build system is a bit wonky. It shouldn't be trying to build if you already have it installed. I've heard something about tkimg having problems with the new libpng though.

Tempel commented on 2010-04-19 16:52 (UTC)

I get the same error on x86_64. Tried installing tkimg; it claimed to by i686-only, so I changed the arch in the PKGBUILD to x86_64 and it built, apparently successfully. But even after that, building brlcad still failed with the same error.

louipc commented on 2010-04-17 18:10 (UTC)

Hmm. I don't really know what's going on there, but try installing tkimg, then building brlcad.

Xyne commented on 2010-04-17 11:52 (UTC)

I can't build the latest version on x86_64. It exits with the following error: I've tried using the default makepkg.conf too (single core, no specific CPU optimizations) but I get the same result. All packages are up-to-date. Do you know what I need to do to get this to build? Let me know if you want me to pastebin the full output of the build process. Thanks for your help.