Package Details: code-translucent 1.89.0-1

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Package Base: code-translucent
Description: The Open Source build of Visual Studio Code (vscode) editor with translucent window, official marketplace, unblocked proprietary features and wayland support!
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Keywords: code code-oss translucent transparent visual-studio-code vscode
Licenses: MIT
Conflicts: code-oss
Provides: code-oss
Submitter: observ33r
Maintainer: observ33r
Last Packager: observ33r
Votes: 7
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First Submitted: 2022-09-18 16:29 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-05-04 06:49 (UTC)

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observ33r commented on 2022-09-18 17:36 (UTC) (edited on 2023-05-08 05:36 (UTC) by observ33r)

  • Completely rewritten patch with correct implementation of transparency for electron window!
  • It actually running from compiled binaries! No need for electron dependency!
  • No conflicting with official release! You can have installed both!
  • Added support for official marketplace!
  • Added support for flags configuration file!
  • Added support for Wayland!
  • Unblocked proprietary features!
How to change window color?
"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    //Black window color with 75% transparency (#RRGGBBAA)
    "window.background": "#000000BF"

..assuming you have a customized theme with all other transparent elements!

Building within clean chroot!

You can build package in completely clean environment without conflicting with any local dependencies (latest nodejs package etc..)!

Execute the following commands inside the package directory:

yes | sudo pacman -S devtools
extra-x86_64-build -c && rm *.log
mapfile -t _pkgs <<< "$(printf '%s\n' code-translucent-*.pkg.tar.zst | sort -Vr)"
sudo pacman -U "${_pkgs[0]}"

..or just run "" script!

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observ33r commented on 2024-05-04 06:54 (UTC)

Guys and girls! Patch is experimental! If there are any problems let me know!

Flysoft commented on 2024-01-18 12:49 (UTC)

@observ33r I've tried it again, without flags it seems to work, but with flags it is still crashing. I'm pretty sure that my GPU configuration is working.

BTW, Use proprietary vscode (1.86.0-insider) with code-insiders --enable-gl --enable-transparent-visuals --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform,WaylandWindowDecorations --ozone-platform=wayland did not crash. There could be a fix available in the upstream.

observ33r commented on 2024-01-15 16:13 (UTC) (edited on 2024-01-15 16:29 (UTC) by observ33r)

@Flysoft: Can't reproduce! Also NVIDIA/wayland/X11 user. First try run directly from terminal without flags "/opt/code-translucent/bin/code-oss" then with wayland flags "/opt/code-translucent/bin/code-oss --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform,WaylandWindowDecorations --ozone-platform=wayland" if it helps. But this is definitely not a packaging problem. Are you sure you have correctly configuired GPU?

Flysoft commented on 2024-01-15 14:46 (UTC)

Hello, I'm getting stuck when starting this on Wayland with a NVIDIA GPU. note: also tried x11 but still no luck here :(

[60986:0115/] Binding to zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1 version 3 but version 4 is available.
[60986:0115/] Binding to zwp_pointer_gestures_v1 version 1 but version 3 is available.
[61031:0115/] Requested GL implementation (gl=none,angle=none) not found in allowed implementations: [(gl=egl-angle,angle=opengl),(gl=egl-angle,angle=opengles),(gl=egl-gles2,angle=none),(gl=egl-angle,angle=swiftshader)].
[61031:0115/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization
[60986:0115/] Floss manager not present, cannot set Floss enable/disable.
[61039:0115/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.843Z] [File Watcher (node.js)] Request to start watching: /home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/User (excludes: <none>, includes: <all>, correlationId: <none>),/home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/User/settings.json (excludes: <none>, includes: <all>, correlationId: <none>)
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.853Z] Starting VS Code
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.853Z] from: /opt/code-translucent/resources/app
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.853Z] args: {
  _: [],
  diff: false,
  merge: false,
  add: false,
  goto: false,
  'new-window': false,
  'reuse-window': false,
  wait: false,
  help: false,
  'list-extensions': false,
  'show-versions': false,
  'pre-release': false,
  version: false,
  verbose: true,
  status: false,
  'prof-startup': false,
  'no-cached-data': false,
  'prof-v8-extensions': false,
  'disable-extensions': false,
  'disable-gpu': false,
  'disable-chromium-sandbox': false,
  'ms-enable-electron-run-as-node': true,
  telemetry: false,
  debugRenderer: false,
  'enable-smoke-test-driver': false,
  logExtensionHostCommunication: false,
  'skip-release-notes': false,
  'skip-welcome': false,
  'disable-telemetry': false,
  'disable-updates': false,
  'use-inmemory-secretstorage': false,
  'disable-workspace-trust': false,
  'disable-crash-reporter': false,
  'crash-reporter-id': '9d6a277e-67c7-4600-9f03-2752af55fa31',
  'skip-add-to-recently-opened': false,
  'unity-launch': false,
  'open-url': false,
  'file-write': false,
  'file-chmod': false,
  force: false,
  'do-not-sync': false,
  trace: false,
  'force-user-env': false,
  'force-disable-user-env': false,
  'open-devtools': false,
  'disable-gpu-sandbox': false,
  '__enable-file-policy': false,
  'enable-coi': false,
  'no-proxy-server': false,
  'no-sandbox': false,
  nolazy: false,
  'force-renderer-accessibility': false,
  'ignore-certificate-errors': false,
  'allow-insecure-localhost': false,
  'disable-dev-shm-usage': false,
  'profile-temp': false,
  logsPath: '/home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/logs/20240115T223949'
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.854Z] Resolving machine identifier...
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.854Z] Resolved machine identifier: 122e2b038a4861031f99a912b7cd75f80d49d8fe53aa0e32cff0ed6277dee3effile-chmod': false,
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.854Z] Main->SharedProcess#connect
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.856Z] [File Watcher (node.js)] Started watching: '/home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/User'
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.857Z] [File Watcher (node.js)] Started watching: '/home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/User/settings.json'
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.857Z] StorageMainService: creating application storage
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.859Z] ElectronURLListener: waiting for window to be ready to handle URLs...
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.859Z] lifecycle (main): phase changed (value: 2)
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.859Z] windowsManager#open
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.859Z] windowsManager#open pathsToOpen [
    backupPath: '/home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/Backups/1705204211198',
    remoteAuthority: undefined
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.859Z] windowsManager#doOpenEmpty {
  restore: true,
  remoteAuthority: undefined,
  filesToOpen: undefined,
  forceNewWindow: true
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.860Z] IPC Object URL: Registered new channel vscode:4bcfe7c5-ab9e-42e3-bfc7-c89f035a405f.
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.860Z] window#validateWindowState: validating window state on 1 display(s) { mode: 0, x: 33, y: 1144, width: 1876, height: 982 }
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.860Z] window#validateWindowState: 1 monitor working area { x: 0, y: 0, width: 2560, height: 1440 }
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.860Z] window#ctor: using window state { mode: 0, x: 33, y: 1144, width: 1876, height: 982 }
[60986:0115/] Server doesn't support zcr_alpha_compositing_v1.
[60986:0115/] Server doesn't support overlay_prioritizer.
[60986:0115/] Server doesn't support surface_augmenter.
[60986:0115/] Server doesn't support wp_content_type_v1
[60986:0115/] Server doesn't support zcr_color_management_surface.
[60986:0115/] Failed to load a platform cursor of type kNull
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.875Z] window#load: attempt to load window (id: 1)
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.878Z] windowsManager#open used window count 1 (workspacesToOpen: 0, foldersToOpen: 0, emptyToRestore: 1, emptyToOpen: 0)
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.878Z] lifecycle (main): phase changed (value: 3)
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.878Z] resolveShellEnv(): skipped (VSCODE_CLI is set)
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.878Z] update#setState idle
[main 2024-01-15T14:39:49.901Z] resolveShellEnv(): skipped (VSCODE_CLI is set)
[0115/223949.929960:ERROR:elf_dynamic_array_reader.h(64)] tag not found
[0115/] opendir /home/flysoft/.config/Code - OSS/Crashpad/attachments/df156635-56be-4bda-af13-140f9616664d: No such file or directory (2)
[0115/] curl_easy_perform: Unsupported protocol (1)

Similacrest commented on 2024-01-01 14:11 (UTC)

Now it works, thank you!

observ33r commented on 2023-12-31 17:09 (UTC)

Rollbacked some changes in pkgbuild. Try it now!

Similacrest commented on 2023-12-28 17:30 (UTC)

I tried building from TTY and ran into the same issue. Physical memory consumption barely exceeded 4GB when the build crashed. vscodium builds normally.

fixaur commented on 2023-12-26 07:53 (UTC)

$ node --max_old_space_size=12288 ./node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js --openssl-legacy-provider vscode-linux-x64-min
[15:44:17] Node flags detected: --openssl-legacy-provider
[15:44:17] Respawned to PID: 101058
[15:44:22] Using gulpfile ~/.cache/yay/code-translucent/src/code-translucent/gulpfile.js
[15:44:22] Starting 'vscode-linux-x64-min'...
[15:44:22] Starting clean-out-build ...
[15:44:22] Finished clean-out-build after 5 ms
[15:44:22] Starting build-web-node-paths ...
[15:44:22] Finished build-web-node-paths after 2 ms
[15:44:22] Starting compile-api-proposal-names ...
[15:44:22] Starting compilation api-proposal-names...
[15:44:22] Finished compilation api-proposal-names with 0 errors after 63 ms
[15:44:22] Finished compile-api-proposal-names after 70 ms
[15:44:22] Starting compile-src ...
[15:44:35] [mangler] Done collecting. Classes: 7272. Exported symbols: 8859
[15:44:36] [mangler] Done creating class replacements
[15:44:36] [mangler] Starting prepare rename edits
[15:44:37] Starting compilation...
[15:45:37] 'vscode-linux-x64-min' errored after 1.25 min
[15:45:37] Error [ERR_WORKER_OUT_OF_MEMORY]: Worker terminated due to reaching memory limit: JS heap out of memory
    at new NodeError (node:internal/errors:405:5)
    at [kOnExit] (node:internal/worker:287:26)
    at Worker.<computed>.onexit (node:internal/worker:209:20)
    at Worker.callbackTrampoline (node:internal/async_hooks:130:17)
error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit for documentation about this command.
==> 错误: 在 build() 中发生一个错误。

observ33r commented on 2023-12-24 18:06 (UTC) (edited on 2023-12-24 18:09 (UTC) by observ33r)

@Similacrest: Yes, but do you have enough free memory? ("free -m" available column). You can try build from TTY without xorg/wayland running ;)