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Description: The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
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First Submitted: 2011-06-29 20:32
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giniu commented on 2011-07-13 18:10

Version -9 understands fallhack2-like fall.exe patches (only numeric lines, easy to get out from dfh files with grep "^[0-9]").

giniu commented on 2011-07-11 12:53

Version -8 has new, redesigned launcher.

giniu commented on 2011-07-03 21:42

In version -7 I fixed bug in mod system. There were troubles in following situation:

1) mod A added new file, not in official Daggerfall
2) mod B extending mod A modified that file
3) you remove mod B
4) it was not possible to remove mod A then

btw, I'd like to describe the mod system a bit - it's extremely easy:

1) you create directory in /usr/share/games/daggerfall/mods/<name> - <name> will be name of your mod in system (to enable, do --enable-mod=<name>). In most cases, that's all!
- all files and directories inside will be copied to /usr/share/game/daggerfall/DAGGER when enabled.
- original version of files will be remembered automatically, just in case you want to disable mod
- new files will be marked as new, so they are also removed from system - same for empty directories
- if two enabled mods modify same file, it's conflict and whole enable process will be stopped, what can you do?
2) if you are sure, that your mod works well and includes other mod, create file /usr/share/games/daggerfall/mods/<name>.extends and place names of mods your mod extends, one in each line of file.
- if you enable mod that extends another mods, system will make sure they are enabled before continuing
- you can create mod sets by creating only <name>.extends without <name> directory
- file that are changed few times are remembered - i.e. all past versions are stored
3) no, really - there is no 3... just <name> directory and <name>.extends file! All is managed by launcher and you don't have to worry about it!

giniu commented on 2011-07-03 19:00

Mods support turned out to be easier than I though. So it's here:


names are obvious enough, aren't they? Ah, there is also daggerfall-fixes package ( ) - it includes few mods, unofficial fixes (no addons) to what was in Daggerfall. Most like every player will want those! (mods are enabled when installed).

Anonymous comment on 2011-07-03 10:00

Thank you for offering Daggerfall!

giniu commented on 2011-07-02 21:25

version -5 brings new launcher with support for save game backups and options rename (slightly better style).

You can backup saves from slot i (i=0,..,5). When you request backup creation using


for example --backup-save=0, new backup will be created with name <slot>-<game name>-<date>-<time>, where <game name> is taken from save name. You can restore such backup with


If you skip <date>-<time>, last backup will be used. If you skip the <game name>, current name of game in slot will be used. You can also restore to different slot (as a result, you can for copy saves). To do so, in addition to --restore-save specify:


During restore process you will be asked to confirm (and warned, if you will overwrite other save) - but if you want to restore save non-interactively and/or are absolutely sure what you are doing, there is option


which makes launcher assume you said yes.

Next version (-6) will support mods, but it will not be out till next week. Please test what is here already to catch any possible bugs. I tried to make sure that names with spaces and special characters work, but I might have skipped something. Have fun, and remember to check

daggerfall --help

to see new options names!

giniu commented on 2011-07-02 18:06

version -4 brings some new cool stuff:

- ability to set gamma (--gamma=..., --storepalettes, --restorepalettes)
- ability to unlock "Master of (skill)" by changing max skill level from 100 to 200 (--skills=...) - this feature is already in Daggerfall, but locked after beta release
- ability to change wagon weight capacity (--wagon=...) - do not over use this! In unpatched Daggerfall, wagon space was reported to be 1000lbs but indeed unlimited. Patches fixed this but limited the wagon to 750lbs at same time. With this option you can set the wagon back to 1000lbs.
- usage of various commands in launcher (--help)
- improved permissions for multi-user system (some files made by launcher did not had games group set)

This concludes all mods that are not too much invasive but require things different than file copying. There will be few releases more:

-5 that will include save backups
-6 that will include mods support
-7 that will be clean-up release

After version -7, this package will hopefully be fixed in stone, and new mods-stuff will be added to (small and quick to build) daggerfall-mods package.

giniu commented on 2011-07-02 14:54

In version 3 I updated to support files with offset and tweaked its output to be a little bit more obvious. Also, decided to not patch FALL.EXE with dos32a extender, but do it live at each run (it should be easier to make mods that modify FALL.EXE)

giniu commented on 2011-07-02 14:40

I posted new version, some changes include:

- the game is patched to use dos32a extender instead of dos4gw. It is reported to greatly reduce corrupted save game situations and improve overall stability
- better launch script, now checks for conflicting options
- to be sure that license is read and accepted, on first run there is license text displayed and user is requested to say yes to license. If you know the license text, you can also issue "daggerfall --accept" command to skip the dialog
- I added information about mouse grab and fullscreen to install information
- oh, and sorry for version number change, I changed it to reflect the version reported by fall.exe itself.

Next versions will hopefully have:
- daggerfall --help to display launcher usage
- daggerfall --gamma to setup gamma
- daggerfall --backup to backup save games
- daggerfall --enable/--disable to enable/disable mods (to come)

There will also be (one or multiple) mods packages that you will be able to enable/disable with daggerfall launcher.

giniu commented on 2011-07-02 10:11


What you need to do is the mouse grab - for example ctrl+F10 moves mouse into window. The mouse is also grabbed when you go fullscreen (alt+enter). Check for dosbox keys and for information about how to tune/troubleshoot your Daggerfall installation.

The mouse isn't grabbed by default intentionally - if something goes wrong (like dosbox unresponsive) it's easier to close/kill the window when the mouse is outside. You can make it automatically grabbed to window later, when you are sure it works.