Package Details: edb-debugger 1.5.0-2

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Package Base: edb-debugger
Description: EDB (Evan's Debugger) is a cross platform AArch32/x86/x86-64 debugger, inspired by Ollydbg.
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Keywords: binary debugger ollydbg qt qt5
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: None
Maintainer: revel (tbhaxor)
Last Packager: revel
Votes: 92
Popularity: 0.24
First Submitted: 2007-04-27 15:24 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-03-24 11:46 (UTC)

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tbhaxor commented on 2024-03-26 21:00 (UTC)

Thanks @revel and @emanuele6 for fixing the issues :D

emanuele6 commented on 2024-03-24 20:36 (UTC)

thank you for fixing the problems

revel commented on 2024-03-24 11:49 (UTC)

fixed, thanks for reporting it the plugin path worked for me because the built files were still there, so the quick sanity check proved not to be enough

emanuele6 commented on 2024-03-24 03:20 (UTC) (edited on 2024-03-24 04:02 (UTC) by emanuele6)

Actually, it looks like there was a patch that fixed that issue in the AUR package, but it was removed with the commit that upgrades to 1.5.0

It seems, at least the part of that patch that allows setting the default plugin directory is still needed. :-)




That patch has been upstreamed, so it is not longer needed

The problem is that you still need to pass -DDEFAULT_PLUGIN_DIR=/usr/lib/edb/ to cmake; the PKGBUILD used to do that, but that was also removed with the upgrade to 1.5.0 by mistake

emanuele6 commented on 2024-03-24 03:09 (UTC)

Yes, from 1.5.0, qt5-tools is required as a make dependency; I also had to install it.

But even after installing it, I got a non-working edb:

$ edb
[load_plugins] Failed to extract plugin meta data from '/usr/lib/'
Starting edb version: 1.5.0
Please Report Bugs & Requests At:

And in the GUI, I see a pop-up that says the following:

Failed to successfully load the debugger core plugin. Please make sure it exists and that the plugin path is correctly configured. This is normal if edb has not been previously run or the configuration file has been removed.

I found this 3-year-old issue on the edb debug that describes the same problem, but does not say much useful:

A settings window also opened automatically with the pop-up; in the "Directories" tab, I saw that "Plugin Directory" is set to "/home/emanuele6/.cache/yay/edb-debugger/pkg/edb-debugger/usr/lib/edb" instead of "/usr/lib/edb".

Changing that resolves the issue. I assume you need to set a new configure option to make the default "Plugin Directory" /usr/lib/edb instead of a subdirectory of the build directory.

o/ emanuele6

D3vil0p3r commented on 2024-03-24 01:55 (UTC) (edited on 2024-03-24 01:58 (UTC) by D3vil0p3r)

With the latest update, when I install it by AUR helper, during the building I get the following error:

-- Checking for module 'gdtoa-desktop'
--   Package 'gdtoa-desktop', required by 'virtual:world', not found
-- gdtoa-desktop package wasn't found. Using built in version.
CMake Error at /usr/lib/cmake/Qt5/Qt5Config.cmake:28 (find_package):
  Could not find a package configuration file provided by "Qt5LinguistTools"
  with any of the following names:


  Add the installation prefix of "Qt5LinguistTools" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or
  set "Qt5LinguistTools_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above
  files.  If "Qt5LinguistTools" provides a separate development package or
  SDK, be sure it has been installed.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  src/CMakeLists.txt:8 (find_package)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare().
error: failed to build 'edb-debugger-1.5.0-1':

qt5-tools dependency is needed to have a successful building.

emanuele6 commented on 2024-02-11 00:33 (UTC)

extra/capstone updated a few days ago, and it now provides libcapstone as instead of, so edb needs to be rebuilt (reinstalling this package) or it won't work.

Maybe bump pkgrel?

tbhaxor commented on 2023-12-11 17:12 (UTC)

Hey @severach, I have tested, and it works fine in my case. However I found since package() runs in $srcdir directory, therefore I have simplified the PKGBUILD.

severach commented on 2023-12-11 00:28 (UTC)

The cmake update changed the cd folders. Now the last cd .. is causing an error with edb.desktop. Removing it makes the package build.

tbhaxor commented on 2023-10-29 02:01 (UTC)

Hey @revel, thanks.

I have pushed the commit.