Package Details: fldigi 4.1.20-1

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Package Base: fldigi
Description: Digital Modem Program for Amateur Radio
Upstream URL:
Keywords: ham radio
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: Allan
Maintainer: not_anonymous
Last Packager: not_anonymous
Votes: 50
Popularity: 0.148859
First Submitted: 2008-12-19 03:37
Last Updated: 2021-08-07 17:47

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dviktor commented on 2021-08-06 20:22

4.1.20 is avail. Moreover it seems like it requires now new flxmlrpc (>= 1.0.1) but the author hasn't released it yet

not_anonymous commented on 2021-06-25 23:15


not_anonymous commented on 2020-11-18 01:29

Well, it's NOT LIKE the upstream author isn't having LOTS of problems and releasing quite often these days. Hi Hi.... Anyways, I decided to "comment-out" the conflicts field AND add the suggested "--without-asciidoc" as a config directive. *** Hope this helps !

linkjay commented on 2020-11-17 23:57

This package is out-of-date because it attempts to download the version of fldigi 4.1.15 which does not appear to be there anymore because they updated it to 4.1.16. Maintainer, please fix!

For the time being, download the current PKGBUILD, edit change the "pkgver" variable from 4.1.15 to 4.1.16. You will also have to update the md5sum and sha256sum. Download fldigi from the official link found in the PKGBUILD or google it. You should download "fldigi-4.1.16.tar.gz". Then run sha256sum and md5sum on the file and replace the sums in the PKGBUILD. Now run makepkg -si where it should now attempt to download and build fldigi.

It might fail because you are missing some dependent packages, these are found in the aur and I just downloaded them using my aur-helper: yay -S cty flxmlrpc hamradio-menus

Should work after updating pkgver, updating the sums, and downloading the proper packages!

nickoe commented on 2020-11-02 23:13

Do we even need asciidoc enabled for this package? I would expect that to only be fore developers which would probably build fldigi locally?

mykhal commented on 2020-11-01 18:21

Possible build error related to broken dialogs/guide.cxx is caused by that asciidoc is for some reason inserting several \x0D (^M) characters. It can be fixed, for manual builds by adding

sed -i 's/\r//g' ./src/dialogs/guide.cxx

into PKGBUILD:build() just above make ..., after first makepkg failed, then running makepkg -e, then makepkg -U <generated pkg file>.

Or by adding --without-asciidoc configure flag.

grandchild commented on 2020-10-22 22:53

you are right, the patch doesn't cleanly apply. and i found out that that is because the lines are fine when the source is first extracted. they only get changed during the build process, by some process that is prefixed with "GUIDE" in the build output. i will try and figure out what that process is, but that's gonna be tomorrow... sleep now. :P

not_anonymous commented on 2020-10-22 22:07

Actually that patch is being "rejected" on the latest source.;

a) malformed: i.e. some of the lines begin like this;

\n\iv id=\"toc\">

b) Um...AND the line numbers do not match the source. (Off by one line)

c) finally it is written so to ADD newline characters (which are already there....)

ANYWAYS ...that's why I didn't use it.....Would/could you please check it grandchild ?

grandchild commented on 2020-10-22 21:01

Sorry, but the solution is not to simply conflict with asciidoc. asciidoc is actually an optional make dependency. If it is present, then more things get built.

The solution would either be to apply the patch I made, or to explicitly disable the part that gets built when asciidoc is present. I haven't checked which part that is, and if it has a configure flag to disable it. Maybe it does?

not_anonymous commented on 2020-10-22 20:03

Okey dokey.....made the appropriate change....thanks OM's vy 73