Package Details: jstest-gtk-git 0.1.0.r115.g420317b-1

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Package Base: jstest-gtk-git
Description: A simple GTK2-based joystick tester and calibrator
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: ZekeSulastin
Maintainer: cazzoo
Last Packager: cazzoo
Votes: 112
Popularity: 0.96
First Submitted: 2012-06-06 02:00 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2021-05-18 14:35 (UTC)

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taher commented on 2021-05-21 13:49 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-21 13:49 (UTC) by taher)

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to help. Really appreciate it.

So what I did is a complete uninstall followed by re-install and this time the build worked. I don't know if the cause is the presence of the old package in the system, but I think something happened that blocked me from upgrading. So the only solution was to uninstall. Maybe it's because of caching the location or something? Although that is weird because I cleaned all yay cache, so it could've been something with perhaps pacman! I need to learn more about this stuff I guess, but yeah I was failing with both yay and makepkg which is the reason why I was confused.

cazzoo commented on 2021-05-21 13:17 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-21 13:29 (UTC) by cazzoo)

Yes it is, but probably I can enhance the source fetch specifying the branch to fetch. Let me try something and get back to you. -- EDIT I've been checking over internet and it's makepkg design to retrieve the full bare repo. I found some alternatives you could run on your own machine to handle it but this is not something I can do from the makepkg script. Please beware doing so may alter you build process for the other packages and may break them. Indeed, some other pages may require a specific tag from source, this previously linked solution will prevent it.

taher commented on 2021-05-21 12:51 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-21 12:52 (UTC) by taher)

Hmmm, ok I might be a little unfamiliar here and I could be mistaken, but are you supposed to get a bare repository? It's even mentioned as such in your log output "Cloning into bare repository" and because it's cloning into a bare repository then the rest of the build steps are failing because they're expecting a working copy.

Does makepkg work after you delete and clean everything?

cazzoo commented on 2021-05-21 11:31 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-21 11:31 (UTC) by cazzoo)

@taher I'm pretty surprised since the makepkg works fine on my end.

==> Making package: jstest-gtk-git 0.1.0.r115.g420317b-1 (ven. 21 mai 2021 13:29:11)
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Cloning jstest-gtk git repo...
Cloning into bare repository '/home/caz/Documents/jstest-gtk-git/jstest-gtk'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 28, done.

taher commented on 2021-05-21 09:49 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-21 09:50 (UTC) by taher)

Latest commit broke this package as shown below. I checked and the reason is that the clone command is downloading a bare repository, not a working copy

==> Making package: jstest-gtk-git 0.1.0.r115.g420317b-1 (Fri 21 May 2021 12:38:26 PM +03)

==> Retrieving sources...

==> ERROR: /home/taher/.cache/yay/jstest-gtk-git/jstest-gtk is not a clone of Aborting...

nvllsvm commented on 2020-11-14 01:51 (UTC)

Website is out of date, should be: "" Description is also out of date, no longer depends upon GTK2. I recommend this as per the GitLab: "A Gtk+ based joystick test application"

mirh commented on 2020-05-29 16:05 (UTC)

Why is .SRCINFO requesting gtkmm, while the PKGBUILD has gtkmm3? And fix_asset_path.patch is empty.

AdrianoML commented on 2018-09-18 16:49 (UTC)

build the package with "makepkg -s". The -s switch allows pacman to automatically solve your dependencies. This packages is not out of date.

Guybrusssh commented on 2018-09-18 16:27 (UTC) (edited on 2018-09-18 17:20 (UTC) by Guybrusssh)

same problem

Missing dependencies: -> gtkmm3 ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies. Error making: jstest-gtk-git

thx for the quick answer.

I had another workaround, I installed

extra/gtkmm3 3.22.2+2+g3002ed86-1 (1.3 MiB 10.2 MiB) C++ bindings for GTK+ 3

Before I installed your packet.

AdrianoML commented on 2018-08-17 03:03 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-17 03:04 (UTC) by AdrianoML)

It already has gtkmm3, are you sure you have downloaded the latest version of the PKGBUILD?

martorskull commented on 2018-08-16 17:04 (UTC)

I had issues building the package. It was missing gtkmm3. It should be added as a dependency.

AdrianoML commented on 2018-05-25 01:31 (UTC)

Both issues are now fixed, please give it a try and tell me if any issues persist. Sorry for taking a long time to fix it.

Xerxes8088 commented on 2018-05-25 00:58 (UTC)

Yeah, I'm also experiencing that

BoostCookie commented on 2018-05-21 12:18 (UTC)

When trying to run jstest-gtk it says the file »data/generic.png« couldn't be found. Anybody else experiencing this?

Cknight70 commented on 2018-02-15 02:27 (UTC)

Same problem, cmake wants gtkmm3 not gtkmm.

Theredbaron1834 commented on 2017-09-30 22:45 (UTC)

Changing, in the depends, gtkmm to gtkmm3. Then it compiles and runs fine.

pedropramos commented on 2017-09-16 10:21 (UTC) (edited on 2017-09-16 10:22 (UTC) by pedropramos)

When I tried to install this on a mostly clean machine, the build failed with the following error: -- Checking for one of the modules 'gtkmm-3.0' CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.9/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:640 (message): None of the required 'gtkmm-3.0' found Call Stack (most recent call first): CMakeLists.txt:48 (pkg_search_module) -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "/home/pedropramos/jstest-gtk-git/src/jstest-gtk/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... After installing the package gtkmm3 manually, I tried installed jstest-gtk-git again and it was successful. Maybe the package should be updated to depend on gtkmm3 besides or instead of gtkmm.

R1cochet commented on 2017-05-12 19:24 (UTC)

Trying to build this offline. Cloned the git manually onto offline pc. When i run `makepkg -e` I get the following errors: ~$ makepkg -e ==> Making package: jstest-gtk-git 0.1.0.r69.ge89ae8f (time now) ==> checking runtime dependencies... ==> checking buildtime dependencies ==> WARNING: Using existing $srcdir/ tree ==> Starting pkgver()... fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything. ==> ERROR: pkgver is not allowed to be empty ==> ERROR: pkgver() generated an invalid version:

AdrianoML commented on 2016-12-25 14:39 (UTC)

gtkmm is a dependency of this package, but check if it is installed. Maybe you have a different gtkmm version? Make sure you are using the one provided by official repositories.

erikzenker commented on 2016-12-24 13:49 (UTC)

Is there missing a dependency? -- Checking for one of the modules 'gtkmm-2.4' CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.6/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:646 (message): None of the required 'gtkmm-2.4' found

AdrianoML commented on 2016-01-03 14:34 (UTC)

I didn't notice because I upgraded from an older git build. I've bumped it now.

PhotonX commented on 2016-01-03 08:25 (UTC)

I guess, you should have bumped the revision, I didn't get any updates. But after reinstalling the package manually everything works fine!

AdrianoML commented on 2016-01-03 04:50 (UTC) (edited on 2016-01-03 04:51 (UTC) by AdrianoML)

thanks wallacoloo, I've updated the package.

wallacoloo commented on 2015-12-30 07:22 (UTC)

Here's an updated fix_asset_path.patch: (SHA-1 is 9a65d2fa2e0be4c566b932fb7ac0dfd9d5449ea9). The commit that broke this patch is here:

PhotonX commented on 2015-12-27 10:22 (UTC)

I'm getting this when trying to build: patching file src/joystick_list_widget.cpp Hunk #1 FAILED at 123. 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/joystick_list_widget.cpp.rej And here is the .rej file:

AdrianoML commented on 2015-10-25 16:58 (UTC)

Fixed! They are now using cmake instead of scons.

zwastik commented on 2015-10-25 02:30 (UTC)

==> Patching... patching file src/joystick_list_widget.cpp scons: *** No SConstruct file found. File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/SCons/Script/", line 920, in _main ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build jstest-gtk-git.

AdrianoML commented on 2015-03-31 02:10 (UTC)

Thanks for the fix alex! I've also took the time to upgrade the PKGBUILD with it's internal git handling. This also means that the new version number format is detected as a downgrade from the old one. You guys will have to force the update.

alex34567 commented on 2015-03-30 03:39 (UTC)


ZekeSulastin commented on 2013-01-09 18:38 (UTC)

Have fun you guys :3

AdrianoML commented on 2013-01-08 21:34 (UTC)

I've looked into it and it's already integrated on the newest version of this package. However, if you are looking to fix the Glib::FileError, it seems like I didn't include the proper fix for it. So, try this version:

Igor1201 commented on 2013-01-07 00:10 (UTC)

@MaMuS could you upload this fix again?

commented on 2012-11-27 02:16 (UTC)

I am still getting "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Glib::FileError'"

commented on 2012-11-27 02:13 (UTC)

What was the fix? Pastebin link no longer exists.

ZekeSulastin commented on 2012-06-06 19:52 (UTC)

Added; no new errors showed up on my pc. Thanks for the contribution!

AdrianoML commented on 2012-06-06 19:29 (UTC)

Added a desktop entry and enabled a missing assets directory: PKGBUILD jstest-gtk.desktop this should also fix "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Glib::FileError'" error