Package Details: ltspice 17.20211222.2-1

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Package Base: ltspice
Description: SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer. Installation based on Field Update Utility.
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Licenses: custom
Submitter: M4a1x
Maintainer: jhbruhn
Last Packager: jhbruhn
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First Submitted: 2015-07-08 21:35 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2021-12-25 18:15 (UTC)

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jhbruhn commented on 2021-12-25 18:06 (UTC)

@dreieck: This PKGBUILD is the best I could come up with. Analog Devices unfortunately only provide an installer which can't be used for silent installs, so to build this package, I am using LTSpices internal update interface. Unfortunately, Analog does not want to provide any information how it works, and updates are not versioned so adding sources to this PKGBUILD could lead to a PKGBUILD which can't be build one day after publishing. One could make a tool though, which builds a PKGBUILD for the most recent version, but that just leads to a similar implementation to this package.

I'll try to enable verbose logging in curl so errors like these can be caught more easily. I'm guessing it is due to timeouts, although I already set the timeout-limit pretty high (for my taste at least).

dreieck commented on 2021-12-25 15:38 (UTC)

@Recognition: For me download of XVIIx86.exe finishes after some time, it seems to be big. A hint to the maintainer: Maybe you add a download progress meter?

dreieck commented on 2021-12-25 14:53 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-25 15:39 (UTC) by dreieck)

Is it possible to provide checksum verification for the stuff downloaded in prepare()?

From a quick glimpse over the PKGBUILD you seem to to such thing, but anyway it seems that I got an empty file during a download and that is not recognised and build() then fails on it, so somehow this is not properly working. (That might also be a security issue since an attacker can just palm off "evil" files on the download.)

==> Starting build()...
wrestool: /[...]/ltspice/src/ltspice/XVIIx64.exe: file has a size of 0
convert: improper image header `/[...]/ltspice/src/ltspice.ico' @ error/icon.c/ReadICONImage/232.
convert: no images defined `/[...]/ltspice/src/ltspice.png' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3327.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

In the download, I get errors, which might be due to timeout because of slow internet connection, but I don't know since no reason is given (→ this is a suggestion to add verbose error reporting):

==> Starting prepare()...
Checking cache and downloading using 16 threads.
Download Progress: 454/10381 (examples/jigs/1246.asc)Download error (52): ltspice/examples/Educational/Wien.plt /

Download Progress: 1449/10381 (examples/jigs/3413.asc)Download error (52): ltspice/examples/jigs/3204B-3.3.asc /

Download Progress: 4918/10381 (lib/sub/LT3999.sub)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sub/LT3762.sub /

Download Progress: 5378/10381 (lib/sub/LTC2996.sub)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sub/LTC1929.sub /

Download Progress: 5746/10381 (lib/sub/LTC3784.sub)Download error (56): ltspice/lib/sub/LT3932-1.sub /

Download Progress: 6036/10381 (lib/sub/LTC5507.sub)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sub/LTC4364-1.sub /

Download Progress: 6066/10381 (lib/sub/LTC692.sub)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sub/LTC4365.sub /

Download Progress: 6199/10381 (lib/sub/LTM4664.sub)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sub/LTM4601.sub /

Download Progress: 6403/10381 (lib/sym/Contrib/Toshiba/nmos/SSM3K361TU.asy)Download error (35): ltspice/lib/sym/ADC/AD4005.asy /

Download Progress: 6479/10381 (lib/sym/Contrib/Toshiba/nmos/TK16J60W5_G0_00.asy)Download error (56): ltspice/lib/sub/LTC7001.sub /

Download Progress: 6695/10381 (lib/sym/Contrib/Toshiba/pmos/SSM3J325F.asy)Download error (56): ltspice/lib/sub/LTC3783.sub /

Download Progress: 7071/10381 (lib/sym/OpAmps/AD8665.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/Misc/neonbulb.asy /

Download Progress: 7083/10381 (lib/sym/OpAmps/ADA4000-1.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/OpAmps/AD822.asy /

Download Progress: 7386/10381 (lib/sym/OpAmps/LT2179.asy)Download error (35): ltspice/lib/sym/OpAmps/LT1213.asy /

Download Progress: 7686/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADM7172-3.3.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/OpAmps/opamp.asy /

Download Progress: 7760/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP1612.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADM7172-1.8.asy /

Download Progress: 7893/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP2138-3.0.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP160-1.5.asy /

Download Progress: 7999/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP5303-1.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP2120-2.5.asy /

Download Progress: 8027/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP7112-5.0.asy)Download error (56): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP2139-1.0.asy /

Download Progress: 8158/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/LT1161.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP7158-1.8.asy /

Download Progress: 8164/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/LT1172.asy)Download error (35): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/ADP7156-3.0.asy /

Download Progress: 9091/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/LTC1734L-4.2.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/LTC1262.asy /

Download Progress: 9337/10381 (lib/sym/PowerProducts/LTC3410-1.65.asy)Download error (52): ltspice/lib/sym/PowerProducts/LTC3201.asy /

Download Progress: 10381/10381 (XVIIx86.exe)
Downloaded all files!

Couriosly, build succeeded anyway on the second try (which did produce above download error messages).

Thanks for maintaining!

Recognition commented on 2021-09-05 10:05 (UTC)

Hangs at Download Progress: 10060/10060 (XVIIx86.exe) Anybody have the same issue?

0x17a589 commented on 2021-07-07 12:54 (UTC)

I cannot install it, getting bunch of Download Errors.

jhbruhn commented on 2021-06-23 19:47 (UTC)

The PKGBUILD does try to cache the files locally, but the checksum provided by LT in the listing file often are different than the actual files, thus forcing the PKGBUILD to redownload those files. Because many files are gzip compressed, it is difficult to do HTTP based caching...

phansel commented on 2021-06-23 19:05 (UTC)

It is a little odd that the PKGBUILD doesn't locally cache all of the library content. Analog should really offer compressed copies of the libraries.

The time it takes to download (literally over 9000 individual model files) and lack of caching guarantees that running this PKGBUILD always times out the password lock. Consequently I've had to restart this PKGBUILD more than 10 times in total across different machines.

jhbruhn commented on 2021-06-05 08:42 (UTC)

Good catch, I updated the launcher to use the file in /usr/lib/wine/x86_64-windows/start.exe. After that, I had to delete my users Wine prefix (~/.ltspice/env) for the application to start successfully.

barabas commented on 2021-06-05 08:09 (UTC)

Replacing /usr/lib/wine/start.exe with just wine.exe seems to fix the script. Looks like the file was moved to /usr/lib/wine/x86_64-windows/start.exe.

I'm not familiar with wine, but there are other start.exe files in the prefix folder. Isn't this the one we want to run here?

Auracle commented on 2021-05-27 07:18 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-27 07:20 (UTC) by Auracle)

Hi. I am facing the following problem. The installation is successful without any hiccups. Note that I am running this with wine version wine-6.9 and after complete upgrade of the system. When I try to execute LTSpice using the .desktop file nothing happens. Then I try running it by executing ltspice I get the following error.

wine: failed to open "/usr/lib/wine/start.exe": c0000135

The trying

wine /usr/lib/wine/start.exe /unix /opt/ltspice/XVIIx64.exe
export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.ltspice/env WINEARCH=win64 && wine /opt/ltspice/XVIIx64

gives the same error.

Finally, running

wine /opt/ltspice/XVIIx64.exe

starts the application as intended. However, I see the following error 0104:err:module:open_builtin_so_file failed to load .so lib "/usr/lib/wine/x86_64-unix/" along with some extra information (not sure if it is relevant warnings or just logs. I am posting it for your info.)

0104:err:module:open_builtin_so_file failed to load .so lib "/usr/lib/wine/x86_64-unix/"
0104:fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION
0104:fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (00000000009A0590 0000000000000000): stub
0104:fixme:wincodecs:jpeg_decoder_get_metadata_blocks stub
0104:fixme:wincodecs:jpeg_decoder_get_metadata_blocks stub
0104:fixme:wincodecs:jpeg_decoder_get_metadata_blocks stub
0104:fixme:shell:InitNetworkAddressControl stub

I hope any readers of this post can suggest me on how to go about solving this problem. Thank you for creating and maintaining the package.