Package Details: macbook12-spi-driver-dkms 0+git.314-2

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Package Base: macbook12-spi-driver-dkms
Description: Driver for the keyboard, touchpad and touchbar found in newer MacBook (Pro) models
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Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: christoph.gysin
Maintainer: christoph.gysin
Last Packager: christoph.gysin
Votes: 3
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First Submitted: 2017-04-19 10:17 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-07-15 07:09 (UTC)

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JamesArchibald commented on 2023-07-15 19:25 (UTC)

Working, thanks very much!

christoph.gysin commented on 2023-07-15 07:09 (UTC)

@JamesArchibald Added patch for linux-6.4. Thanks!

JamesArchibald commented on 2023-07-15 06:17 (UTC)

When I try to run makepkg with this, I run into the following error:

DKMS make.log for macbook12-spi-driver-0+git.314 for kernel 6.4.3-arch1-1 (x86_64)
Sat Jul 15 06:07:50 PM NZST 2023
make -C /usr/lib/modules/6.4.3-arch1-1/build M=/var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build modules
  CC [M]  /var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/applespi.o
  CC [M]  /var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ibridge.o
  CC [M]  /var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ib-tb.o
  CC [M]  /var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ib-als.o
/var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ib-tb.c: In function ‘appletb_fill_report_info’:
/var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ib-tb.c:949:9: warning: enumeration value ‘HID_REPORT_TYPES’ not handled in switch [-Wswitch]
  949 |         switch (field->report->type) {
      |         ^~~~~~
/var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ibridge.c:905:35: error: initialization of ‘void (*)(struct acpi_device *)’ from incompatible pointer type ‘int (*)(struct acpi_device *)’ [-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types]
  905 |                 .remove         = appleib_remove,
      |                                   ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ibridge.c:905:35: note: (near initialization for ‘appleib_driver.ops.remove’)
cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
make[2]: *** [scripts/ /var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build/apple-ibridge.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make[1]: *** [Makefile:2026: /var/lib/dkms/macbook12-spi-driver/0+git.314/build] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:16: all] Error 2

Any ideas?

I'm running 6.4.3-arch1-1 on a MacBookPro13,3

I have the following modules in my mkinitcpio.conf

MODULES=(applespi intel_lpss_pci spi_pxa2xx_platform)

LukeShortCloud commented on 2023-06-21 02:54 (UTC)

Thanks for updating the PKGBUILD to use the new git repository! I can confirm that the DKMS now builds and works with linux-lts (currently 6.1.34-1-lts).

LukeShortCloud commented on 2023-06-04 02:03 (UTC)

Ever since Linux 6.0, there's been issues building this driver.

The first issue:

applespi.c:1810:38: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'struct efivar_entry'

The second issue:

applespi.c:1846.c:1846:15 error: implicit declaration of function "efivar_entry_set_safe" [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

Patching out the back light functionality of the touchbar driver seems to at least fix the first issue:

For more context, see:

christoph.gysin commented on 2022-09-18 18:59 (UTC)

I don't have a device with a touchbar, check upstream for any documentation about setting it up:

hermitfeather commented on 2022-09-18 06:00 (UTC)

Currently running on kernel 5.19 on a 2016 15" macbook pro. The touchpad and keyboard drivers seem to work but I don't get anything on the touchbar. I don't receive any errors when modprobing the ib-tb driver. Anything I'm missing?

BrianValente commented on 2022-06-03 21:15 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-03 21:28 (UTC) by BrianValente)

I made a fix for Linux 5.18.1, can you add it to the PKGBUILD? Thanks!

christoph.gysin commented on 2021-07-22 08:21 (UTC)

@nrobinson2000 Added the missing patch for linux-5.13.